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Mining mogul Frank Giustra is no stranger to gold and remains outspoken in regards to the metal and its place in the world. See why the executive just acquired a $350 million gold mine in this week’s News to Know.

In recent years, there have been organized efforts across the country to pass laws recognizing gold and silver as money. While no success on the national level, one state was recently able to get a legal tender law passed, making gold and silver legal forms of money in this state.

Senate introduced a bill last month that presents a new assault on cash and digital currencies. Legislators are presenting the bill as a means to counteract criminal activity, but its implications could touch every American’s assets.

Following the 2008 crisis, global banks followed the Fed’s example to implement extreme measures in an effort to prop up the economy. Now, the five largest central banks hold the global economy in their hands and could impact our economic future for decades.

Next Wednesday, the Fed will likely press forward to raise rates and cut its balance sheet. But, assuming it makes this move, it will be the first time in 80 years it has pursued this kind of policy amidst such tumultuous economic conditions.

Ex-Deutsche Bank trader David Liew has pleaded guilty to “spoofing” and direct manipulation of precious metals markets. While this points to a conspiracy within the banking industry, it also signifies a bright side to gold and silver.