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11Jan 2017
fed may sabotage trump

Trump’s rivalry with Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen suggests the Fed may try to throw a wrench into Trump’s plans for the economy. But even if the fallout puts a damper on the market, gold owners could take advantage of the situation.

03Jan 2017
gold headed higher in 2017

While 2016 saw gold have plenty of ups and downs, analyst Frank Holmes says the precious metal’s current downswing is an opportunity to accumulate. See why he believes gold is headed higher in 2017 in this week’s News to Know.

28Dec 2016
trump rally near end

Market watchers are starting to fear the “Trump rally” could be nearing its end. One big indicator in trading activity and the anticipated pension funds move to rebalance assets could throw a wrench into the market’s current winning streak.

23Dec 2016
obama's gift to gold

Barack Obama has taken advantage of Congress’s last days in session by pushing through five massive “midnight regulations” that will cost Americans an estimated $6 billion. But his sneaky trick could turn out to be an unexpected gift for those holding gold.