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24Mar 2017
trump could break through debt ceiling

While two of Trump’s cabinet members are going head-to-head on the country’s debt ceiling, congress is now divided over the issue as well. This could have a major impact on the economy, and the outcome won’t be favorable for Americans.

22Mar 2017
computers could be the market's demise

What’s making today’s stock market different is also making far more threatening to the financial safety of the American public. It doesn’t have anything to do what’s being traded, but who (or what) is placing trades.

13Mar 2017
Why gold investors shouldn't fear the fed

Despite gold trending lower due to the markets pricing in an expected interest rate hike, multiple analysts agree that gold will prosper regardless of the outcome of the next Fed meeting. See why in this week’s News to Know.

10Mar 2017
Realtors behind economic collapse

Over the last election cycle, the financial sector distributed a record breaking number of lobbying dollars to members of Congress – all to “influence decision making.” And the #1 contributor is not who many suspected.

08Mar 2017
march rate hike could hurt economy

The Federal Reserve is planning to hike interest rates several times in 2017. While many believe the Fed’s newfound ambition is a “bullish” signal that officials feel confident in the market, the Fed may actually have ulterior motives.