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24May 2017
S&P depends on FAANG

The vast majority of recent S&P gains are tied to just 1% of stocks in the index, and while those stocks get pumped higher and higher, the rest of the S&P is suffering. This troubling imbalance in the index could be a warning of approaching trouble in the broader market.

22May 2017
gold rallies on Trump's hardships

The Donald Trump administration currently has their hands full with recent controversy surrounding the president – but there could be a silver lining for those holding precious metals. Find out how this has been affecting gold in this week’s News to Know.

19May 2017
Asset index flashes warning signs

According to correlations between data from a little known asset index and previous activity in the broader market, stocks could be primed for a long and significant correction. Or, if historical trends decide to repeat themselves exactly, a sharp crash.

15May 2017
Gold predicted to make comeback

This veteran trader isn’t paying much mind to the recent pressure gold has been facing, insisting that the metal remains as solid of an investment as ever. See why he’s not concerned about the yellow metal in this week’s News to Know.

12May 2017
U.S. economy close to tipping point

U.S. markets have sustained upward momentum for the past several years, but major warning signs suggest the end of their winning streak may be near. Here are three big red flags in the U.S. economy today, and what they mean for you.

08May 2017
Gold giving a buy signal

The president of Blanchard and Company feels that the current economic environment makes gold the perfect acquisition – especially at current prices. See why he believes gold’s recent downswing is a buying opportunity in this week’s News to Know.