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Although the recent reduction in global inflation could be seen as a headwind for gold, some analysts believe that the move will actually prove beneficial. See why analysts say to focus on real rates instead in this week’s News to Know.

Another state is on the verge of collapse. But this time, it’s one of the richest in the union. If this trend continues, we could soon have a domino fall that puts the entire economy at risk. Here’s what you need to know about this troubling bankruptcy trend and how you can protect yourself…

America’s public pension system is at its breaking point, and the first shoe is about to drop in Illinois. If Illinois falls, we’re poised for a vicious chain reaction that could decimate our economy, and Americans everywhere will feel it.

While gold’s 8% year-to-date gain is impressive, one top money manager says the metal still has plenty of room to rise in the near future. See why this CEO believes gold could rise to $1,500 an ounce in this week’s News to Know.

This year’s annual, big bank “stress tests” by the Federal Reserve is coming to an end, but there’s talk that the Fed could be loosening the rules in the future. This may make it easier for banks to pass, but could potentially puts Americans at risk.