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Mining mogul Frank Giustra is no stranger to gold and remains outspoken in regards to the metal and its place in the world. See why the executive just acquired a $350 million gold mine in this week’s News to Know.

Following the 2008 crisis, global banks followed the Fed’s example to implement extreme measures in an effort to prop up the economy. Now, the five largest central banks hold the global economy in their hands and could impact our economic future for decades.

Next Wednesday, the Fed will likely press forward to raise rates and cut its balance sheet. But, assuming it makes this move, it will be the first time in 80 years it has pursued this kind of policy amidst such tumultuous economic conditions.

The Donald Trump administration currently has their hands full with recent controversy surrounding the president – but there could be a silver lining for those holding precious metals. Find out how this has been affecting gold in this week’s News to Know.

A Fed policy called quantitative easing, once thought highly risky and unconventional, could soon be making a comeback — possibly as soon as 18 months from now. It may be a quick fix, but the repercussions could be harmful.

Earlier this month, Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker admitted to leaking confidential information to the financial press, and Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer just gave a closed-door meeting to high level industry insiders. Are Fed officials brokering info under the table?

One trader is highly optimistic about gold, and feels that the metal having its best quarterly showing in a year is just the beginning. See why this trader says he’s staying a “gold buyer and holder” in this week’s News to Know.