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Of all the reforms that President-elect Trump has in store, an increase in fiscal spending will be the easiest one to achieve. See why this CIO says Trump’s fiscal reform could be good for gold in this week’s News to Know.

When you start digging into the forces behind the last major financial crisis of 2008, it becomes abundantly clear that global banks and their risky policies had a heavy hand in draining billions of dollars from Americans’ pockets. More specifically, the problem arose because these mega banks worked the system to avoid keeping an appropriate amount of reserve capital to cover their investments – essentially refusing to maintain a safety net to keep them from failing if their investments went south. Here’s why it looks like they’re getting ready to do it all over again.

Each week, Your News to Know brings you newsworthy stories and critical reads on the gold market and the economy. Stories this week include: Jim Rickards says buy gold now before it’s too late, factors point to a strong 2015 for gold and silver, and should gold be in every portfolio?

Once a week every week, Your News to Know offers you newsworthy critical reads about the economy and the gold market. Stories this week include: Jim Rickards says central banks buy gold to get ready for the collapse of the dollar, Peter Schiff says a “smart” Putin would rather sell his dollars and take advantage of the current gold prices, and could this move by India further boost gold prices? Read the full report here.