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Why Precious Metals? Preserve Your Current Wealth

couple laptop Why Precious Metals? Preserve Your Current WealthWhat does it mean to preserve current wealth? It’s the ability to do and live tomorrow as you do today. In other words, maintain a lifestyle.


Interesting analogy: In 1925 the price of a car was $260. There was no easy monthly payment plan, so your choices were to hand the salesperson 13 twenty dollar bills or 13 twenty dollar gold pieces.

If you walked into the local new car dealership today and plopped 13 twenty dollar bills on the salesperson’s desk, you could buy a pair of tires. However, if you stopped at the gold store on the way to the car dealership, you would arrive with more or less $28,000 (based upon Liberty or St. Gaudens gold coins of the time period). The average price of a new car today is $23,600.

So with gold you still have your new car and $4,400 in change. That is how precious metals can preserve your current wealth and lifestyle.


Declining Dollar

declining dollar Why Precious Metals? Preserve Your Current WealthWhy did the gold give you a value of $28,000 today compared to $260 only 87 years ago?  Did gold really become that much more valuable?

The simple answer is no.

Fiat currency – in this case the US dollar – has simply declined. The fact that it’s declining is a discussion that you have already been having with yourself or spouse, and that is why you’re reading this in the first place.

It is what it is. But you’re looking for a safe guard against the continued erosion of your worth and looking for a way to avoid your lifestyle declining along with the dollar.

That is why we make investments. Talk to a specialist now. Call (800) 355-2116


Precious metals have always been called a ‘hedge’ against inflation for the very reason we are seeing in the 1925 automobile analogy. They tend to hold value above inflation simply put because you cannot just fire up the presses and print more gold and more silver.

Many economists suggest 15-25% total worth into gold and silver as the most common hedge/growth formula. And the numbers certainly support this strategy.

Some examples:

  • Real Estate. The average price of a house in 1970 was $23,400 while today it is $149,895.
  • Stock Market. An investment of $23,400 in 1970 would yield you $375,207 today.
  • Silver. An investment of $23,400 in 1970 would yield you $378,857 today.
  • Gold. An investment of $23,400 in 1970 would yield you $995,356 today.

Had you invested in 1970 $23,400 in each of the above, your total portfolio would be $1,899,315. But combined precious metals make up $1,374,213, or in other words, the lion’s share.

That is how precious metals can preserve and protect your WORTH and therefore your lifestyle.


Invest for your Future

invest for future family Why Precious Metals? Preserve Your Current WealthA huge percentage of growth has been made in silver and gold in the last ten years. Many people are concerned with ‘bubbles’ and whether or not gold and silver are heading toward one.

The simple answer is no – gold and silver are not heading towards a bubble. Our spend-first-cut-next (if we get around to it) political environment has run the deficit of the US past the point of being able to be repaid. Europe has followed suit. Many are even speculating that the US dollar may collapse completely.

In anticipation of the continued fall in value of the US dollar, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has set a tentative date of 2016 to STOP using the US dollar as the reserve currency. This will have DRASTIC effects upon the standard of living in the US, not to mention the purchasing power of what is left of our paper assets.

However, as the world re-establishes its financial footing based upon a basket of currencies including the Euro, Chinese Renminbi and the US dollar, gold and silver will continue to gain in value.

So any talk of a bubble is premature to say the least. No bubble will happen before gold hits $5,600 oz and silver north of $380, according to numbers published by JP Morgan during the second quarter of 2011.

Those numbers are going to be a moving target, and at Birch Gold Group our job begins when you place your trust and your investment in us. We will keep you up to date on your investments and to give you targeted analysis so that you’re not alone. We are your buy gold information resource center, we will cut through the hype and white noise and give you information pertinent to your personal goals and concerns.



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