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Gold and equities may currently be running up in tandem, but a growing number of analysts point to why stocks may soon reverse course, while the yellow metal could easily continue up and reach well into the $2,000 range. Find out why here.

At nearly $1 trillion per year, the deficit in recent years was already astronomical by any measure. But now that it’s set to surge by an absurd 276% versus the previous year, it’s time to assess the ramifications that are soon to hit home for too many Americans. Here’s how this may ultimately play out.

The dollars you use to measure your wealth haven’t held up over time. But as E.B. Tucker illustrates, gold has proven to be remarkably resilient. And now that the government is running a $3.7 trillion deficit, here’s why that means even higher prices could be coming for the yellow metal.

A new report from the Census Bureau reveals a surge in gold imports to the U.S. over the past few months, by as much as 1,700% over this time last year. Here’s why the yellow metal has soared to the top of the list of imports.

Since they’re selling their latest $429 million stimulus as being “broad” and “diverse”, you’d think that the Fed was finally looking out for the average Joe. But with just a little scrutiny, we see that, yet again, they’re bailing out “lumbering behemoths” while letting the rest of us hang in the wind. Here’s how the cards are further stacked against us.

A critical component of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act is being rolled back and, once again, it disadvantages the “little guy”. Here’s what makes the repeal of the Volcker Rule so dangerous for almost all Americans.

As the Fed has flushed the economy with stimulus since COVID-19 reached our shores, Americans have flooded banks with a record $2 trillion in new deposits. But while bolstering your savings may give you comfort, one former big banker is warning that this could be a signal that the dollar is going to fall “very, very sharply.” Here’s what has him so concerned.