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A “bullion IRA” is often used to describe a retirement account that is backed by precious metal bullion coins from around the world. If you’re concerned about the reliability of paper currency or the volatile stock market – both of which can significantly eat away at your hard-earned retirement savings – then a precious metals […]

As more Americans become wary about keeping their retirement money invested in the stock market, or putting any more faith in the U.S. dollar, many are now looking into gold 401k options. Depending on your unique objectives, investing in gold could provide the security you’re looking for – but it’s important to do a little […]

Business news is awash with optimism about the “encouraging” jobs numbers that were released last Friday, indicating yet again that the recovery is real and the economy is strengthening. But is it? Is it really? The possibility makes the stock market a little nervous because many take seriously the Federal Reserve’s threat to taper Quantitative […]

Rarely does our Chart of the Week (featured in each week’s Market Update email) provoke such strong reaction from you, our readers. But this one did it: This chart shows that since 2009, every single penny of the stock market’s gains have come during rounds of Quantitative Easing. As the Fed has bought more assets, […]

A lot of attention is given to gold-backed IRAs these days – especially when there are so many questions surrounding the health of the economy, the risks of another stock market collapse and the declining U.S. dollar. But as you begin looking at ways to safeguard your retirement savings from these threats and others, it’s […]