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The controversy over who will be the next Federal Reserve Chair just took a surprising turn. Widely considered to be the frontrunner and President Obama’s clear favorite for the job, Larry Summers has withdrawn his name from consideration in a shock move Sunday. How may the fallout affect the markets? Read our take.

Last week it was inevitable that the United States would launch missile strikes against Syria, but just one short week later, things have changed significantly. While it’s futile to predict what will happen today, tomorrow or next week, we know that gold and silver have stood the test of time for thousands of years. So we ask: If you could only bet on just ONE way to store your wealth for the future, why wouldn’t it be precious metals?

The Syrian conflict dominating news headlines is already gyrating markets and forcing onlookers to assess the financial impact of the evolving events. Obama: Engagement is Inevitable President Obama, during remarks to reporters in 2012, set a ‘red line’ with respect to the use of chemical weapons by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, assuring retaliation in […]

This past week, all attention was on Syria. Whether it was in Washington, at the G20 summit or on a cable news network, debate raged about whether the United States should take military action, and if so, what exactly that action should be. It’s a critical story to follow, one that will have massive ramifications for our country and the rest of the world. But with all eyes on Syria, three critical events have flown under the radar. These demand your attention…

Ever since their brief correction from April to June, gold and silver have been on a tear. Last Wednesday, gold reached a 3-month high, and silver hit a 4-month high. Think it’s too late to get started now? Think again. As we enter September, in this week’s Market Update we look at ten reasons why gold and silver are conspiring to climb even higher in the coming months.

There’s no two ways about it: Indians are enamored with their gold. For wedding, for holidays, for any number of celebrations, they snatch up the yellow metal at every opportunity. This “Love Trade” will always hold in India. But today a new force has been added to the equation, and it is proving to create even more demand for gold in the country: fear. As Indians double down on their desire for gold, read in this week’s Market Update how gold’s prices could be impacted.

During gold and silver’s correction from April to June, some panicked. The “weak hands” in paper gold ran for the hills, and gold ETFs suffered staggering outflows. The “smart money” saw an opportunity; all of the facts still supported gold and silver. It’s why Pierre Lassonde called for a “V-Shaped Bounce” for gold and silver. And since late June, that’s exactly what we may be experiencing. Find out why in this week’s Market Update.

Quantitative Easing has already created a paradoxical world where bad news for the economy is good news for the markets. But with an even larger potential implication being the destruction of the dollar, how does the Fed wean the markets off of the stimulus program? A better question may be, CAN THEY wean the markets off? Read this week’s Market Update to find out.