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It has become a beating drum; the Federal Reserve holds its meetings and inevitably someone exits with a proclamation that Quantitative Easing is going to be phased out. As the sole engine backing the stock market’s growth over the past five years, an end to QE could be catastrophic for your stock portfolio. Fortunately for stock holders, it has been one empty promise after another: Quantitative Easing rages on, and the liquidity it has created continues to push stocks higher.

When it comes to analyzing gold and silver, many so-called “experts” try to over-complicate matters. But the case for physical precious metals today couldn’t be more simple: Demand is UP. Supply is DOWN. That’s all you should have to know about where gold and silver are likely headed. Read more in this week’s market update.

You probably know that gold and silver dropped quite a bit last week. Despite that, every reason to protect your savings with physical precious metals still stands. But now you can get them at their lowest levels in over two years. If you liked gold and silver two weeks ago, you have to love them at today’s prices. Read why, in four simple points.

Gold and silver closed down Friday at $1535.50 and $27.40, respectively, leaving many to ponder the future of the metals. For those who have chosen to protect their savings with precious metals, and not just to make a quick buck, we react to these events with a bigger-picture view: Remain diversified.

The latest jobs report released last week revealed a net improvement of 88,000 non-farm jobs nationwide and a decline of 0.1% in the jobless rate to 7.6%. To call this a disappointment is understatement. Are these really good indications for the strength of the economy?

No one can predict the future. The Central Banks can’t. The “experts” in the media can’t. We can’t. But what history has proven is that paper currencies and paper assets can be worth no more than the paper they’re printed on. Gold and silver are real, tangible assets that WILL ALWAYS HOLD VALUE. Central Banks know it. The “experts” know it. (Even if they don’t always admit it.) We know it. You know it too.