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If you’re new to investing in gold, one of the first things you’ll want to consider is the specific ways that it can benefit you and your unique financial situation. People invest in gold for many different reasons and have done so for generations. But since each person’s goals are unique, the question you need […]

Reviewing the pros and cons of a gold IRA vs. an IRA in other assets On the fence about investing in gold for retirement? When searching online for gold IRA reviews, you’re bound to encounter many strong opinions. There’s a lot of buzz about Precious Metals IRAs these days, and you want to be sure […]

Each week we bring you the news that affects not just the precious metals market, but your savings. And this week’s headlines provides yet another reminder of the importance of getting precious metals into your portfolio. With experts predicting the dollar’s worst collapse in history, and Obama’s new budget set to hurt millions of 401(k) […]

At Birch Gold Group, we spend a lot of time writing about – and educating our readers on – the numerous advantages of gold-backed IRAs. As the Precious Metal IRA Specialists, we’ve seen first-hand how gold can benefit people’s retirement portfolios. While the dollar’s value continues to erode, and the stock market dips at the […]