06 Feb 2024
Birch Gold Group Supports Gary Sinise Foundation Once Again
The Gary Sinise Foundation’s Chrissy Kreisel, Senior Director of Corporate & Community Relations, accepts a $25,000 donation from Andy Klein, Chief Marketing Officer at Birch Gold Group on January 6, 2024.

For the first time ever, the Birch Gold team supported the same organization with a second annual donation. Here’s why we thought The Gary Sinise Foundation earned our support…

16 Nov 2023
Phillip Patrick Finally Figured Out Why Warren Buffett Hates Gold
Photograph CC BY-NC-ND by Stuart Isett

Warren Buffett is an absolute legend in the investing world. He has a decades-long track record of success. Everything the man touches turns to money. He’s always had a very negative view of the value of an investment in gold – and I think I finally figured out why…

26 Sep 2023
This Is What a Minsky Moment Looks Like
Photo by Tom Wilson

Why doesn’t economic stability last? Why does cautious optimism inevitably lead to “irrational exuberance,” an unsustainable boom and an economic crash? Phillip Patrick explains Hyman Minsky’s financial instability hypothesis, and evaluates just how close we are to a Minsky moment…

27 Apr 2023
Saving for Retirement? Get Ready For This Imminent Economic Shift
Image by fabrikasimf

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and forget that “recession” is more than just a word. Behind the economic data are real American families, whose jobs and financial futures are at stake. Today we go beyond the numbers and consider how to prepare for a recession…

26 Jan 2023
Birch Gold Group Supports Veterans with Donation to Gary Sinise Foundation
Gib Bosworth, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach at the Gary Sinise Foundation, accepting a $25,000 donation from Birch Gold Group's Andy Klein and Matt Sullivan. Image © Birch Gold Group

Phillip Patrick discusses Birch Gold Group’s recent donation to the Gary Sinise Foundation – and discovers the connection between Birch Gold’s services and the crucial needs of America’s veterans, first responders and other heroes…