26 Jan 2023
Birch Gold Group Supports Veterans with Donation to Gary Sinise Foundation
Gib Bosworth, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach at the Gary Sinise Foundation, accepting a $25,000 donation from Birch Gold Group's Andy Klein and Matt Sullivan. Image © Birch Gold Group

Phillip Patrick discusses Birch Gold Group’s recent donation to the Gary Sinise Foundation – and discovers the connection between Birch Gold’s services and the crucial needs of America’s veterans, first responders and other heroes…

19 Jul 2022
Phillip Patrick: How Bidens Russia Sanctions Punished US (not Putin)
Image by Bandar Algaloud, courtesy of Saudi Royal Court

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, Biden and the leaders of the G7 enacted a series of economic sanctions against Moscow. Four months later, Phillip Patrick shows us we can evaluate these moves and conclude that not only were they totally ineffective, they were also self-defeating…

14 Jun 2022
Ignoring Spot Price Might Be a Good Idea
Don't most of us have better things to do than obsess over day-to-day price fluctuations? Photo by Ana Curcan

Phillip Patrick, Precious Metals Specialist asks an important question: Is it a good idea to let constant, real-time spot price quotes determine your assessment of the VALUE of your assets? Or would you be better off to ignore day-to-day price fluctuations?