15 Aug 2022
The Ultimate Solution to Most Financial Problems
Image CC BY 2.0 via EU2016 NL

This year's recent Rule Symposium summit in Florida hosted a number of financial experts who spoke about the current market conditions and how best to navigate them. They offered a number of reasons that investors who don’t already own gold should consider acting sooner rather than later…

12 Aug 2022
The Bad Inflation News Everyone Is Ignoring
Photo by Rich Brown

In what’s being called “a big win for the Fed,” headline inflation finally slowed its parabolic rise. Today we dig a little deeper into the official reports, and discover the real reason prices declined slightly – and the news isn’t as good as we’d hope…

10 Aug 2022
The Top 3 Dangers to Your Retirement Savings
Photo by Luis Villasmil

With the abnormal levels of economic uncertainty we are encountering right now, you’re probably already feeling wary. Financial markets are notably unsteady and inflation continues its record rise. Today we turn our attention to a number of sneak thieves reaching into your savings …

22 Jul 2022
Can America Survive Peak Inflation?
"What do you mean, that's not the peak?" Photo by Mathias Jensen

The last couple years have been a long, tough hike in an unexpected direction. Recently, “peak inflation” has taken on an almost mythical role in the economic conversation. So why are we climbing this mountain, and how do we get off?