15 Aug 2023
Why the Federal Reserves Success Is a Failure for You and Me
The district governors of the Federal Reserve system, January 1 1914. Public domain image via Library of Congress Harris and Ewing collection

I’ve been critical of the Federal Reserve and its failings for a long, long time. Even so, the Fed’s failure to properly manage price stability has rarely been more clear than it is today – and I want to explain exactly why that’s part of a deliberate policy to destroy our savings…

28 Mar 2023
Ron Paul Reveals Why He Owns Gold
Image CC BY-SA 2.0 courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Dr. Ron Paul reveals the exact reasons he owns gold and silver, his perspective on the current state of the global economy and delivers a rousing call for personal financial responsibility…

22 Sep 2022
Ron Paul: Americas First Hyperinflation
Public domain image, Detail of Declaration of Independence (1819), by John Trumbull.

Dr. Ron Paul tells the story of America’s first hyperinflationary episode. Our Founding Fathers learned a crucial lesson from it, and tried to ensure it wouldn’t happen again…