Steve Bannon: End of the Dollar Empire series (Free eBooks)

Exclusive Reports on De-Dollarization from Stephen K. Bannon

Get your free copy of Bannon’s explosive de-dollarization reports only from Birch Gold Group.  Bannon’s series of fact-packed, easy-to-read reports, titled “End of the Dollar Empire” details the secret history behind the decline of the U.S. dollar and describes in detail exactly what you need to do to survive and thrive in the inevitable post-dollar economy.

In the “End of the Dollar Empire” series you’ll learn about a range of crucial topics, often not discussed (or even understood) by mainstream media:

  • China and Russia’s master plan to replace the U.S. dollar. This could dramatically reduce the value of your personal savings.
  • The real reason why central banks are rushing to buy record amounts of gold – what they know and what they're not telling us.
  • How to survive in the new America. Most people don't want to accept the BRUTAL reality of a dying reserve currency regime.
  • The warning signs to watch for! How to tell double-digit inflation and astronomically expensive prices are on the way.
  • Bannon's personal strategy for protecting his finances during the collapse of the dollar.

All this is available to you absolutely free from Birch Gold Group.  In addition, you’ll even receive Birch Gold Group’s 2024 Info Kit on Gold & Silver as a bonus to help you decide whether to diversify your savings and safeguard yourself and your family from the impending, global wave of de-dollarization.

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About Stephen K. Bannon:  Veteran, ex-investment banker and the Trump administration’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon is a titan of U.S. media and politics.  He was a founding member of Breitbart News and currently hosts Bannon’s War Room, a highly rated podcast that delivers hard-hitting insights and actionable information for improving the lives of his listeners.

About The End of the Dollar Empire: Over the last few years, Bannon has become increasingly concerned by a number of economic threats to the U.S. He launched The End of the Dollar Empire in collaboration with Birch Gold Group to distribute his reports to as many clear-thinking Americans as possible. The series includes five titles:

  • Volume 1: The Federal Reserve
  • Volume 2: The Failing Global Reserve Currency
  • Volume 3: The Debt Trap
  • Volume 4: The Greatest Economic Crime in History
  • Volume 5: The End of Economic Freedom