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Ben Shapiro headshot Birch Gold Group is proud to have received the endorsement of Ben Shapiro, host of the Ben Shapiro Show and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire. Agreeing that no American should be intimidated when it comes to planning for their retirement, this partnership allows the public to learn more about their retirement savings options. Since August 2016, Birch Gold and Shapiro have worked together to educate Americans on the value of physical precious metals as part of a plan to diversify and protect your savings. One little-known aspect of precious metals ownership that Ben Shapiro has helped bring to the fore is the option to rollover an IRA or eligible 401(k) into an IRA backed by physical gold and silver. This option allows Americans to move some of their hard-earned retirement savings into the safe haven of physical precious metals, protecting their futures. But at the core for why ownership of physical precious metals makes sense for all Americans, Ben Shapiro put it simply to his audience:

It's foolish not to have some assets in the one area of human activity that has never been worth zero.

Gold’s ability to maintain its intrinsic value across thousands of years, independent of geography, and through radical changes in technology, supports its potential to be a safe haven asset to protect your savings. Click here to request a free info kit on gold and how to move your IRA or 401(k) to precious metals. Shapiro is an accomplished and growing voice among today's political commentators. On top of hosting his show and running The Daily Wire, he is a nationally syndicated columnist, the author of nearly a dozen books and an attorney.

Ben Shapiro and Birch Gold Group's Phillip Patrick

Recently Ben Shapiro interviewed Phillip Patrick, a Precious Metals Specialist from Birch Gold Group, to understand the economic forces driving gold's price to all-time highs recently. They discussed government debt, the global dedollarization movement and gold demand:

In other episodes of the show, here are some more reasons that Shapiro has cited for rolling your retirement savings to physical gold and silver:

  • Protection from inflation and the dollar's loss of purchasing power - Gold’s value tends to change inversely with that of the dollar and most other, economically-sensitive assets. As a result, placing a portion of retirement savings into a precious metal like gold has the potential to protect its long-term value, no matter what happens with the dollar.
  • Safeguard from volatility - Even in the event of a major economic downturn, gold’s historical performance shows its ability to endure. Again, its value often tends to increase even when other assets are in decline.
  • Diversification from owning only "paper" assets - If a major crisis hits and your retirement savings are only placed in paper assets like the dollar, you might witness your portfolio rapidly diminish in value. Diversifying into assets like gold, which have tangible value and applications beyond just investment (ranging from electronics through dentistry, medicine through jewelry) increases the likelihood that the value of your savings may endure.
  • Security from cyber attacks -  With hackers staging attacks from thousands of miles away and constantly threatening the security systems of major financial institutions, many paper assets (which now have electronic access points) could quickly be stolen or may even entirely disappear. A tangible asset like gold, which is physically stored in a depository or under your care, can be harder to effectively steal and make disappear.
  • Defense against geopolitical uncertainty - No matter what happens with global economic trends and currencies, an asset like gold can persist because its market is driven by independent factors. Reduced demand for gold may prevent growth in price, but gold has a wide enough range of consistent applications and intrinsic value that it is relatively safe from loss of value due to geopolitical conflicts.

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