Debunking False Claims About Birch Gold Group Lawsuits

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Key Takeaways

  • There has been a surge in misinformation online about Birch Gold Group.
  • This article addresses and refutes false claims of lawsuits against Birch Gold Group.
  • Sensationalist content often spreads false information to generate clicks and revenue.
  • Competitors and their affiliates may spread misinformation to tarnish Birch Gold Group’s reputation.
  • Be cautious of sites promoting other precious metals companies while criticizing Birch Gold Group.

In recent months, there has been a surge in misinformation circulating online about Birch Gold Group, specifically regarding supposed lawsuits. This article aims to address these false claims head-on, providing you with a clear understanding of why they are unfounded and how to approach such misinformation with a critical eye.

Understanding the Source of Misinformation

The internet is rife with sensationalist content designed to attract clicks and generate ad revenue. Unfortunately, this often leads to the spread of false information. In some cases, such misinformation is propagated by competitors looking to tarnish Birch Gold Group's stellar reputation. Often, it is affiliate marketers, who are paid for each customer they refer to a competitor, who want prospective customers to have doubts about Birch Gold Group. By casting suspicion, they aim to divert potential customers to the competitors they are promoting. Readers should be especially cautious of the motivations behind any site that criticizes Birch Gold Group while promoting other precious metals companies.

Two such articles have been spreading misleading claims about Birch Gold Group, alleging involvement in various lawsuits. Here, we break down the falsehoods presented in these articles and provide a detailed response from our legal team.

False Article 1: Birch Gold Group Lawsuit: What Are The Facts?

The content in this article is from a website called goldiraexplained[.]com, which claims to provide information on precious metals investments. However, the site has published false and defamatory statements about Birch Gold Group. These misleading claims appear to be part of an attempt to divert potential customers to competitors.

birch gold lawsuit goldiraexplained
Screenshot of page on goldiraexplained[.]com, taken in May 2024.

Claim 1: Investors Filed a Civil Action on August 22, 2020

The article claims that a group of investors filed a civil action against Birch Gold Group LLC (BXG) and certain officers on August 22, 2020, alleging securities fraud.

The Reality: Birch Gold Group has never been sued by investors in the company, on August 22, 2020, or at any other time. Public records show no such lawsuit against Birch Gold Group. This allegation is entirely fabricated and has no basis in reality.

Claim 2: Birch Gold Group is Publicly Traded and Experienced a 46% Drop in Stock Price

The article states that Birch Gold Group's stock price fell 46% in two days following the lawsuit's filing, dropping to $1.01 per share on August 26.

The Reality: Birch Gold Group is not a publicly traded company and has never had its stock listed on any exchange. Consequently, it could not have experienced a drop in stock price as described. This claim is patently false and misleading.

Claim 3: Bankruptcy Filing and Settlement with the SEC

The article alleges that Birch Gold Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on December 1, 2019, and settled a claim with the SEC for $65 million.

The Reality: Birch Gold Group has never declared bankruptcy or settled any claim with the SEC. The company has never sold bonds or been involved in any fraudulent bond scheme. The supposed SEC settlement and bankruptcy filings mentioned in the article do not exist in any public record. This misinformation is not only misleading but also damaging to Birch Gold Group's reputation.

Claim 4: Affiliation with Marc and Barry Dreier

The article mentions a settlement with the SEC involving Marc and Barry Dreier.

The Reality: Birch Gold Group has never had any affiliation with Marc or Barry Dreier and was never the subject of a class action securities lawsuit. The inclusion of these names appears to be an attempt to confuse readers by linking Birch Gold Group to unrelated legal issues involving other parties. This is another example of the falsehoods propagated by these misleading articles.

False Article 2: Birch Gold Lawsuit: Understanding the Case and Its Impact on Customers

The content in this article is from a website called socilaw[.]com, which presents itself as a legal information site. However, just as with the first false article, the site has published an article with several false and defamatory statements about Birch Gold Group.

birch gold lawsuit socilaw
Screenshot of page on socilaw[.]com, taken in May 2024.

Claim 1: Concerns About the Authenticity of Precious Metals

The article states that a group of customers raised concerns about the authenticity of precious metals purchased through Birch Gold Group, leading to investigations and legal action.

The Reality: Birch Gold Group has never faced a lawsuit challenging the authenticity of the precious metals it sold or any related investigations. This claim is completely fabricated and defamatory.

Claim 2: Allegations of Non-Delivery and Quality Issues

The article alleges that Birch Gold Group failed to deliver precious metals on time and that the quality of metals received did not meet promised standards.

The Reality: No lawsuit has ever claimed that Birch Gold Group failed to deliver precious metals within the agreed timeframe or provided metals that did not meet the promised quality standards. Our company prides itself on meeting delivery commitments and maintaining high standards for the quality of our products. Any claim to the contrary is baseless and unsupported by any evidence.

Claim 3: Market Impact

The article claims that the uncertainty surrounding the fictitious lawsuit has caused fluctuations in the precious metals market.

The Reality: No such case exists that could impact the precious metals market. Birch Gold Group is not large enough to cause market fluctuations. The precious metals market is influenced by a wide range of global economic factors, and attributing market changes to a non-existent lawsuit against Birch Gold Group is misleading and inaccurate.

Claim 4: Official Responses and Customer Support

The article states that Birch Gold Group has made official statements and taken measures to enhance customer support in response to the allegations.

The Reality: Birch Gold Group would, of course, provide customer support if these allegations were true. However, since they are not, Birch Gold has not made any such statements or taken specific measures in response to these fictitious claims, as no such allegations exist. The company continues to operate as usual, maintaining strong relationships with its customers and ensuring high standards of service.


The misinformation being spread about Birch Gold Group is not only false but also damaging to the company's reputation. These articles contain numerous inaccuracies and defamatory statements, as clearly outlined above. Birch Gold Group remains committed to transparency and integrity in all its operations. We urge readers to critically evaluate any information they come across and rely on verified sources.

By addressing these false claims directly, we hope to provide clarity and reassurance to our current and potential customers. Birch Gold Group continues to operate within the bounds of the law, ensuring the highest standards of service and product quality in the precious metals market.