Nov 2020
Silver $40 by Q1 2021: Peter Hug

In a recent interview with Kitco, Peter Hug shared some insights into the broader market and what precious metals investors can expect. Despite uncertainty, Hug forecasts gold at $2,000 and silver at $35-$40 by the end of the first quarter of 2021 - see why.

20 Nov 2020

As we get closer to the date when the election is to be confirmed, the picture of where Joe Biden wants to take the U.S. economy is also getting a bit clearer. Here's how just one of those acts, a China-Style nationwide lockdown, may crush markets (and millions of retirement accounts) once again - and one step you can...

19 Nov 2020
The Great Reset is the New World Order 2.0

By injecting trillions of bailout dollars into the system, the Federal Reserve has created what amounts to a zombie economy. Brandon Smith of asserts the upcoming economic crisis, triggered by resurging pandemic lockdowns, are the tool globalists have been waiting for to push the U.S. into a unified, centrally-planned, unaccountable world government -- unless we fight back.

16 Nov 2020
Gold prices post quick recovery after tumble

Despite unprecedented volatility, gold prices stabilized rapidly near the year’s high. Anticipated stimulus, inflation, and other dollar woes lead analysts predict a breakout with “no ceiling in sight.” We look to the 1970s for clues on how the next gold boom might materialize.

13 Nov 2020
Can Biden's Fragile Economic Team Tackle These Monstrous Challenges

While Trump is going to exhaust every legal challenge to retain the presidency, Joe Biden is actively prepping an economic team to help him navigate the next four years. But, should he take office in January, is his team really up to the task? Here are the litany of things that can go sideways for the Democrat – and...

09 Nov 2020

A New Troubling Sign of Rising Inflation

November 9, 2020 Birch Gold
A New Troubling Sign of Rising Inflation

Reviewing data from this past Halloween, Forbes contributor Frank Holmes notes that spending oddly ticked up over last year. If this is one of the first signs of higher prices, here's why a move to gold makes more sense than ever.

06 Nov 2020
One Guaranteed Outcome For the Next President

As of this writing, we can't yet say whether it will be Trump or Biden. But what we know for sure is that, with a tighter Senate and House, the next president will face four years of gridlock. Here's what that will mean for the nation's economy.