26 Sep 2023
This Is What a Minsky Moment Looks Like

Why doesn’t economic stability last? Why does cautious optimism inevitably lead to “irrational exuberance,” an unsustainable boom and an economic crash? Phillip Patrick explains Hyman Minsky’s financial instability hypothesis, and evaluates just how close we are to a Minsky moment…

25 Sep 2023
Everyone Would Buy Gold If They Knew This

Gold’s investment potential remains healthy, with plenty of potential to grow, according to one market strategist. So why doesn’t everyone diversify their savings with gold? Turns out, it’s simply a matter of education…

Sep 2023
R5 currency from BRICS

You may be hearing a lot of talk about a new BRICS currency or even some mysterious unknown currency called “R5”.  Well, these are both one and the same, so if you’re wondering what R5 currency is (and where to get some), well it’s still a hypothetical currency in some nebulous degree of development.  Technically speaking,... View Article

21 Sep 2023
5 Ways the Fed Interest Rate Pause Will Hit Your Wallet

The FOMC’s September meeting resulted in no further interest rate hikes. Inflation is still well over the Fed’s target – which means American households will continue paying the price. Here’s how much it’s costing you…

18 Sep 2023
Why Is Gold in China Worth More than Anywhere Else?

Insatiable demand from central banks and individuals has driven gold to all-time highs in a number of nations around the world. The curious case of Shanghai’s record premiums for physical gold may tell us what happens to gold’s price when demand far outstrips supply…

11 Sep 2023
Insider Gold Buying Reaches New Record Level

JP Morgan issued a startling gold market analysis recently. Between public and private demand (from central banks and everyday investors respectively), gold buying is at the highest levels in over a decade. Here’s what’s driving today’s gold rush…