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We’re Proud to Be Clay and Buck’s First Ever Gold Company Endorsement

For the first time ever, The Clay and Buck Show has partnered with a gold IRA company. We couldn’t be more excited! Here’s why…

Proud to Be Clay and Bucks First Ever Gold Company Endorsement
Image © The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. Used with permission.
Image © The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show. Used with permission.

By Phillip Patrick, for Birch Gold Group | Reading time: 5 minutes

Today I’m excited to share a momentous announcement – The Clay & Buck Show has selected Birch Gold Group to be their official gold IRA company!

This is a big deal for us. Clay Travis and Buck Sexton have never endorsed a gold IRA company before. And they’re the second-biggest conservative talk show on the radio nationwide! (I listen to them regularly on The Patriot 1150 AM station out of Burbank.) I mean, Clay and Buck are the successors to The Rush Limbaugh Show. 

If you aren’t already familiar with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, I’ll introduce you – then tell you why I believe they picked Birch Gold over everyone else in the gold IRA industry. 

Who are Clay and Buck? Meet the men behind the microphones

Clay Travis is a seasoned sports journalist, author, and media entrepreneur.

Clay’s career began in law (but we can forgive him for that).

His passion for sports journalism led him to write for prestigious publications like CBS Sports and Deadspin. He quickly made a name for himself with his bold opinions and fearless reporting, eventually launching his own media empire with OutKick. 

Clay is also a best-selling author, with books that explore the intersections of sports, culture and politics.

His keen understanding of big-picture economic and financial issues, and his ability to explain them in a way that makes sense are truly inspiring. 

Buck Sexton is a national security and counterintelligence analyst who’s come out of the shadows to share his insights into the way the world really works.

A former CIA officer (but we can forgive him for that) and NYPD counterterrorism expert, Buck has earned firsthand knowledge of the security threats facing the U.S. and, by extension, the global economy. 

After his service, Buck launched a career in media. He’s become a popular commentator on national security, as well as political and economic issues – and how they overlap. You may have seen him on CNN and Fox News, among many other stations. 

Buck has written two books and is a regular columnist for American Consequences and the Independent Chronicle.

His expertise in analyzing complex geopolitical situations and their economic consequences are impressive. His analytical skills and deep understanding of global affairs give him a unique perspective on both national economic security and personal financial stability.

Why did Clay and Buck choose Birch Gold?

Now, I can’t prove this – but here’s what I think…

Clay staked out a very specific position: Americans are responsible for their own financial independence and security. He’s consistently emphasized the importance of taking control of your own financial future. He understands the challenges we face today and he’s passionate about sharing the tools and knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions.

Having said that, why would Clay Travis consider a gold company for himself or his listeners? 

Gold is not just a safe-haven asset. It’s more than a safeguard against inflation. Physical precious metals, especially gold and silver, are just about the only financial assets whose price can’t be manipulated by the Federal Reserve. Just about the only financial assets that are more than an IOU or a promise to pay. Clay wants his audience to know there’s a trusted partner who can help them diversify with physical precious metals – Birch Gold Group. 

Now, Buck Sexton has a different perspective. I believe he’s got an eye on our nation’s geopolitical struggles – and how they affect both the U.S. economy and the U.S. dollar. I believe Buck is more aware that physical gold and silver are the only forms of money instantly recognized and accepted worldwide. 

For example: Did you know that the British special ops troops who invaded North Africa in World War II were issued gold sovereigns and Saint Gaudens double eagle gold coins? That American bomber pilots flying missions over Europe carried survival kits which, along with matches and fishhooks, included gold coins? Gold is money everywhere! Even if you don’t speak the language, you can barter with a Berber nomad or a French farmer with gold. 

Buck knows that! He recognizes that gold’s inherent value and freedom from government tampering make it an ideal asset for those of us looking to insulate our savings from the federal government’s irresponsible and inflationary spending. From tariffs and trade wars. From bankruptcies and default. Governments come and go – empires rise and fall – but gold and silver endure.

A relationship built on trust

What I like most about being selected as the only gold IRA company to win the endorsement of Clay Travis is this: Trust.

The reason I like listening to The Clay and Buck Show is because I’ve listened for a while now. They’re more interested in the truth than scoring political points or playing games. I’ve come to trust them.

When I talk to customers, I strive to build that same level of trust. I don’t try to convince customers that gold and silver is the right decision for them. I don’t know if it is or not! Instead, I explain the economic and financial challenges our nation faces. I point out the benefits physical precious metals offer. I do my utmost to ensure my customers understand all their options, so they can make a confident and informed decision about their financial futures.

Clay and Buck take a similar approach. They respect their audience. They don’t tell us what to do! They don’t tell us what to think. Instead, they tell us what they think – and explain why. They empower people to make their own decisions. To make up our own minds, when we have all the facts. 

In short, I’m honored to work with Clay and Buck on this journey toward your financial security. We’ll empower you with the tools and insights you need to navigate the uncertainties of today's economic landscape. (If you’re interested, learn more about how Birch Gold became the official Clay & Buck gold company.)

Stay tuned for further updates on this partnership!

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