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Exclusive New Britannia & Liberty Gold and Silver Coins

The Britannia and Liberty series is a historic first: A collaborative design between the sovereign mints of two nations. This is a unique moment in minting history, celebrating the strong, ever-enduring friendship between the United States and the United Kingdom…

Exclusive New Britannia and Liberty Gold and Silver Coins
Image via The Royal Mint

Birch Gold Group is proud to announce a coin unlike any we’ve seen before. The Britannia and Liberty gold and silver coin series.

The Britannia and Liberty series is a historic first: A collaborative design between the sovereign mints of two nations. This is a unique moment in minting history, celebrating the strong, ever-enduring friendship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

A special partnership for a “special relationship”

The Chief Engravers of both the U.S. Mint and the U.K.’s Royal Mint collaborated to produce a coin symbolizing our nations’ “special relationship.” That phrase, coined by Sir Winston Churchill in 1946 to describe the mutual respect and alliance between America and Great Britain, seems particularly apt.

Joseph Menna for the U.S. Mint and Gordon Summers for the Royal Mint took inspiration from the way royalty are displayed in playing cards. They wanted to display two completely different women symbolically, without promoting one over the other. We think they did an outstanding job…

The reverse of the Britannia and Liberty coin series depicts Britannia and Lady Liberty in profile, inverted. As you can see each is quite distinct and unmistakable from the other. Fortitude and freedom, the virtues underpinning the national identities of the UK and U.S. are very much on display.

Britannia has been featured on coins as far back as Ancient Rome, appearing on coins under the reign of Emperor Hadrian. Her distinctive Corinthian helmet symbolizes her role as defender of the British Isles – and her trademark trident represents the role sea power has always played in British history. She has been a symbol of the British people for millennia and is currently featured on the UK’s official gold and silver series, the Royal Mint’s Britannia coins.

Though the United States doesn’t have the centuries of history that Britain does, Lady Liberty is no less iconic. She is most well known standing tall in New York Harbor as the Statue of Liberty, the embodiment of our nation. Before her, the famous Columbia served the role, but Columbia became Liberty, and has changed significantly over time (the U.S. Mint has an interesting article on the evolution of Lady Liberty). Today we recognize Liberty as a personification of America, an embodiment  ideals and ambitions. She has featured on American Eagles, a popular coin for investors and collectors since the 1980s.

Now these two national ladies are together, depicted on the Britannia and Liberty silver and gold coins minted by the U.S. Mint and the Royal Mint.

Exclusively at Birch Gold Group

For anyone dealing in precious metals, these coins represent a pinnacle of modern minting, issued by the two largest and most powerful mints in the world. It is an honor to be partnering with the Royal Mint as the exclusive distributor of some gold and silver coins from the Britannia and Liberty run.

These are the coins from the Liberty/Britannia series exclusively available through Birch Gold Group:

Each coin meets the purity requirements by the IRS for inclusion in a tax-advantaged IRA.

A celebration of freedom and fortitude

Together, the United States and the United Kingdom have greatly shaped the entire course of modern human history. Though the two nations began their relationship with an uneasy colonization culminating in revolution, they went on to become the closest of allies.

The Britannia and Liberty coins are a celebration of this strong alliance, and honor the importance of that friendship between the two nations.

While each lady represents her respective country, together they represent shared virtues of freedom, strength and justice. These values along with a commitment to security and prosperity around the world have been at the center of the relationship between the U.S. and the UK.

Furthermore, what better way to physically embody “freedom and fortitude” than in pure gold and silver? Just about the only financial asset you can hold in your hand, physical precious metals represent something totally different from the IOUs, promises-to-pay and debt-based obligations that underpin the global financial system. Gold and silver endure (that’s fortitude!) and represent financial freedom

Will the Liberty/Britannia series continue?

The mints don’t tell us everything… It’s possible these remarkable coins will be minted this year only, so don’t wait. Get your Britannia and Liberty coins now, exclusively from Birch Gold Group.

For availability and current pricing, call (800) 355-2116.

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