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Birch Gold Group Supports Gary Sinise Foundation Once Again

For the first time ever, the Birch Gold team supported the same organization with a second annual donation. Here’s why we thought The Gary Sinise Foundation earned our support…

Birch Gold Group Supports Gary Sinise Foundation Once Again
The Gary Sinise Foundation’s Chrissy Kreisel, Senior Director of Corporate & Community Relations, accepts a $25,000 donation from Andy Klein, Chief Marketing Officer at Birch Gold Group on January 6, 2024.

By Phillip Patrick, for Birch Gold Group

On January 6th, at our annual corporate event, we were delighted to watch my friend Andy hand a $25,000 check to the Gary Sinise Foundation’s Chrissy Kreisel, Senior Director of Corporate & Community Relations.

Chrissy gave a very moving speech about the foundation’s work, and I doubt there was a dry eye in the room when she finished.

Unprecedented second annual donation to the Gary Sinise Foundation

Previously, we’ve surveyed the Birch Gold family every year to choose a worthy organization for our corporate donation. For example, back in 2020, we chose to give to Valley Community Healthcare in support of their pandemic response efforts.

In 2022, we donated to Operation HOPE to support their financial literacy mission.

While I don’t readily recall every donation, I do remember the sheer quantity of debate and passion that went into every discussion.

This is the first time ever we’ve chosen the same organization. Here’s why…

The Gary Sinise Foundation is very efficient – they’ve consistently earned four-star ratings from Charity Navigator. Furthermore, they make a huge difference in the lives of our nation’s defenders (armed forces veterans and first responders alike).

Here are a few numbers…

  • They’ve built 90 specially-adapted smart homes for severely wounded, mobility-impaired heroes (and modified or retrofitted 124 more). If you can read a story like this one without shedding tears, you have no soul.
  • They’ve hosted 12,446 children of fallen military heroes at their Snowball Express events to honor their loss, support them while they grieve and give them the opportunity to build new connections and create cherished memories.
  • Through their Serving Heroes outreach program, they’ve delivered 1,030,312 hearty American meals to veterans serving overseas. (Because, as Gary says, “Nothing offers an opportunity to bond and give thanks quite like breaking bread together.”)
  • Awarded 582 emergency relief grants to police, firefighters and EMTs.

That’s just a sample of the good work they do – there’s a lot more.

Ultimately, we decided to support the Gary Sinise Foundation again because, as Gary says, “While we can never do enough for our defenders and their loved ones, we can always do a little more.” Well said!

These people do amazing work – on the other hand, the world is full of charities doing meaningful work. What’s the connection between the Gary Sinise Foundation and Birch Gold Group?

Giving people hope

The evening after our presentation to the Gary Sinise Foundation, the Birch Gold team had a gala evening. I spent some time asking some of my coworkers what they thought the connection between the foundation and our company was.

Everyone had an answer. The one that stuck with me most, though, was this one: “We both give people hope.”

See, there’s a common thread in our missions. The Gary Sinise Foundation uplifts the lives of veterans, first responders and their families by offering essential support. That can be housing and meals, mental health care (or just a shoulder to cry on).

Birch Gold Group, on the other hand, offers financial hope by helping everyday Americans add some certainty to their financial futures. Diversifying with physical precious metals offers undeniable benefits during times of uncertainty and economic volatility. Both organizations are dedicated to serving and protecting the well-being of others – The Gary Sinise Foundation does so by addressing immediate needs and honoring the sacrifices of service members, while Birch Gold Group focuses on long-term financial security.

Speaking of long-term financial security, another question came up…

“Why didn’t you just donate gold?”

At dinner, one of my colleague’s partners asked, “Why didn’t you just donate gold?”

Well, there are a few practical reasons… It’s not as though we keep gold bars on our desks as paperweights. (Although that would be fun.) Despite its steady loss of purchasing power, the U.S. dollar is still the most liquid asset in the land. Charitable contributions in cash are always preferred by the recipient, by the way – trust the organization to know what’s best to do with that cash.

Although that did raise an interesting question… Last year, on January 7, we donated $25,000. Gold’s price was $1,866.12/oz. Almost exactly one year later, on January 6, the price of gold was $2,045.57/oz. A few minutes with a calculator app told us that, if we had in fact donated 13.4 oz of gold back in 2023, its value would’ve risen 9.6% over the intervening year. This year, our donation would’ve purchased 12.2 oz of gold at spot price.

That 9.6% annual increase in gold’s price sounds extreme… But, according to the World Gold Foundation, it’s not that unusual. Since 1971, on average, gold’s price has risen 7.87% per year.

Honestly, that’s not relevant (but what else do you expect us to talk about at a company event?). What’s much more relevant are the nearly 100 totally mortgage-free homes, adapted and customized for our most severely injured veterans and their families. What’s much less quantifiable is the acceptance, support and love the Sinise Foundation’s Relief and Resiliency programs have given to our veterans, their loved ones and families.

The Gary Sinise Foundation makes the world a better place. I’m proud of my work at Birch Gold Group and I love what I do. Even so, I can’t help but envy the team at the Gary Sinise Foundation for the powerful differences they make in peoples’ lives every day.

I’ll give Cristin Bartter, the Sinise Foundation’s VP of Marketing and Communications, have the last word:

On behalf of Gary, we are so grateful for Birch Gold's support of our mission to honor and uplift our Nation's defenders and their families.

To paraphrase Gary, Though we can never do enough for our defenders and their loved ones, you can help us do a little more. You can learn more about The Gary Sinise Foundation here, or do your part by making a tax-deductible donation here.

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