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19Sep 2019
new pension programs

In the face of the European Central Bank sending interest rates further negative, many in the US are calling for the same negative rates from the Federal Reserve. However, while that may provide some temporary stimulus for the economy, it could prove to be extremely problematic for pensions. Find out why here.

16Sep 2019
These are the Two Key Tailwinds for Gold's Rise in Value

Forbes contributor Frank Holmes sees a host of tailwinds for gold’s recent surge in price. However, there are two in particular that has caught his eye, and that he believes will drive the yellow metal all the way to $10,000 in the coming years. See what they are here.

13Sep 2019

After the pain of the Great Recession, measures were supposed to have been put into place to prevent history from repeating itself. Yet at a recent meeting in Washington, Trump Administration officials warned that the housing finance system may be “worse off today” than before 2008. Could we be on the verge of yet another massive downturn? Here’s what has officials so concerned.

11Sep 2019

As you prepare for retirement, there are countless factors to take into consideration, such as expected inflation, what you can expect from Social Security and where you think your investments will be headed. Now, many Americans are finding a recent surge in health costs as yet another obstacle. Here are the challenges that they’re facing, and what can be done about it.

09Sep 2019
This Gold Rally Is Different For One Critical Reason

In the past three decades, gold has had two major price breakouts. Now that it appears that we may be in the midst of a third such breakout, Forbes contributor Rob Isbitts notes that there’s one critical difference today, and it could make all the difference for where the market is headed. Find out why in this week’s Your News to Know.

06Sep 2019

The central figure of the film “The Big Short”, the man who correctly predicted the crash that led to the Great Recession, sees a new crash looming on the horizon. As he sounds the warning alarm, it’s being echoed by Alan Greenspan. See what they’re so concerned about, and what you can do to secure yourself from the crash that may be coming.

05Sep 2019

When financial experts talk about the U.S. national debt, do your eyes glaze over? You may want to drink some coffee and pay attention, since the consequences of the national debt are unavoidable for investors. (You can ignore politics, but the government’s economic policies won’t ignore you.) A new “debt solution” is being seriously considered […]