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09Mar 2020
gold coronavirus goldman sachs

After two successive upgrades to their gold price forecast, Goldman Sachs has released yet another note that is highly supportive of the metal. Find out why the firm’s head of global commodities research believes that gold is immune to the coronavirus in both figurative and literal senses.

05Mar 2020
corona virus banks

Never ones to let a crisis pass without taking advantage, big banks have latched onto the coronavirus scare as a reason for the Federal Reserve to weaken the very regulations that were imposed to avoid a replay of the 2008 financial crisis. What exactly are they proposing and how could it affect the market? Find out here.

02Mar 2020
gold prices

As stocks plummeted last week, the simultaneous selloff in gold confused many market watchers. But this isn’t without precedent. And if 2008 is to serve as any hint for what’s next, gold prices may soon surge to new highs. Find out why here.

24Feb 2020
corona virus gold

Last week, Apple announced its earnings would be down due to the virus. Now, as the entire market follows its lead, gold prices are making a quick move up. Here’s why analysts from Citi say that this spike is just the beginning of a larger trend.

20Feb 2020

Under the guise of increasing economic efficiencies, the Federal Reserve has revealed intentions to introduce “Fedcoin” – its own version of a cryptocurrency – to replace the dollar. But some experts are pushing back, with one saying that it “could be one of the most dangerous steps ever taken by a government agency.” Here’s what may be at stake.