08 Feb 2021

U.S. Mint Sold Out of Gold & Silver Coins

February 8, 2021 Birch Gold
U.S. Mint sold out of gold and silver coins

It's like 2020 all over again… The U.S. Mint has rationed distribution of gold, silver and even platinum coins on unexpectedly heavy demand. After seeing 258% sales growth over last year, amid an ongoing supply shortage, both the U.S. Mint and precious metals retailers were already behind before the recent surge in silver. Here's why the U.S. Mint can't...

05 Feb 2021
The U.S. Dollar Could Be Nearing Its End Game

Down 10% in the last year and 25% from 2002, the dollar's value spirals ever downward. We examine alternatives to the U.S. dollar to preserve your savings, and identify those that have withstood the test of time...

03 Feb 2021

Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.us explains why we can expect the federal government to force lockdown compliance from all states and what we can do now to forestall the next steps intended to cripple non-compliant communities…

01 Feb 2021

Silver jumped 5% on Thursday and another 12% on Monday, fueled in a large part by Reddit users anticipating a GameStop-like short squeeze. Silver enthusiasts have long accused big banks, particularly JP Morgan, of manipulating silver prices. With analysts predicting a short-term silver price of $50, will the silver shorts finally get burned?

27 Jan 2021

So Is There a Retirement Crisis or Not?

January 27, 2021 Birch Gold
So Is There a Retirement Crisis or Not?

You've probably seen the headlines… Is there a retirement crisis you should worry about? Surveys show many Americans feel unprepared. Surging inflation, loose monetary policy and Social Security woes abound… So how concerned should you be, and what should you do?

22 Jan 2021
Millionaires Are Investing Like a Market Bubble Is Here

A recent E-trade survey revealed 91% of millionaire investors think the market is either in or approaching a bubble. They're taking risk off the table - so how should you prepare for what's coming next?