05 Sep 2023
Heres Why Everyone Will Need Gold Soon

Gold, “the king of commodities,” is radically underpriced right now, according to veteran analysts Goehring & Rozencwajg. Here’s why this situation is unlikely to last, and why investors who buy gold today will be delighted ten years from now…

28 Aug 2023
Why Gold Keeps Outperforming (Despite Interest Rates)

Possibly the most interesting thing about the most recent interest rate hiking cycle is that gold’s price hasn’t taken the big hit the typical economist will tell you is inevitable. Has gold’s price completely decoupled from the Federal Reserve’s efforts to fight inflation? Let’s review the evidence…

24 Aug 2023
Durban Accords What Happened with BRICS

As the BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa meet to discuss their geopolitical agenda and hash out goals for the alliance, they are giving the world a preview of what the future may look like...

23 Aug 2023
Social Security Update: Worry Less about These 4 Things But Pay Close Attention to This One

Americans planning for retirement already have a lot to contend with. So, today, we challenge 4 Social Security myths – so you can instead focus on the factors that will truly make a difference in your future financial stability…

21 Aug 2023
Brace Yourself for the Next Massive Inflation Surge

Today, we explore the coming transition from debt-based currencies to commodity-backed money. There’s a reason BRICS nations want their own currency, and it’s more than just escaping U.S. dollar politics. But the transition won’t be fast, and it certainly won’t be easy for the old guard…

18 Aug 2023
The U.S. Dollar Monopoly Is Not Going Well

Thanks to the Biden administration’s bone-headed blunder, we’re on the brink of a revolution in global economics. The U.S. government thought it had a monopoly on money – and, while you can print dollars, you can’t print trust…

15 Aug 2023
US Dollar Bills

The Dollar’s Decline Opens the Door for Rivals All eyes were on BRICS during a diplomatic summit with a great deal on the agenda.  Top of that agenda was a question looming in the back of future-minded investors: will BRICS develop its own currency in a bid to challenge the U.S. dollar as the world standard? The... View Article