10 Aug 2020
gold silver sparks

The yellow metal may be getting most of the headlines, but a growing number of analysts are pointing to silver as a source for even greater potential growth. Here's why they say that gold's cousin has legs to move higher at a faster rate.

29 Jul 2020
gold vs dollar

For some time, rising geopolitical tensions, new resistance to the dollar's hegemony, and the prospect of "digital cash" have contributed to downward pressure on the dollar. It's all come to a head in recent months, contributing to gold's historic ascent. Here's where we may go from this point.

22 Jul 2020
social security money 7-22-20

SSA was already facing a litany of existential threats. But now, as a new side effect from pandemic-related lockdowns emerges, it's becoming clear that millions of Americans may lose out on thousands of dollars of benefits each year. Find out why here.