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27Dec 2019
global debt Rickards

If you take just moment to consider the staggering $255 trillion of global debt today – about 330% of global GDP – it’s easy to understand why Rickards says we’re on the “knife edge of a debt crisis.” Worse yet, here’s the tiny “trigger” that he thinks could ignite the entire mess.

23Dec 2019
gold price

As 2019 ends, and gold prices up about 15% for the year, a pair of analysts are predicting that the yellow metal will surge another 15% in the next couple of months, and soon after hit all-time highs. Here’s why they’re so confident in gold continuing to rise.

20Dec 2019
price inflation

According to “official” numbers, the Fed claims that inflation is low – perhaps too low. But if you dig not too far beneath the surface, there are three sectors that not only defy this narrative, but in fact illustrate inflation that is practically out of control. Are your savings keeping pace with these surges in price?

13Dec 2019
fed repo

In September, the Fed tried to spin a convenient story for the ongoing repo crisis, blaming it on quarterly tax payments. With a new report from the Bank of International Settlements, the Fed’s “line” has been exposed, and with it comes revelations of the dire state of the market. Here’s why one analyst claims this is “quite similar to 2008.”

06Dec 2019
us inflation

With the official rate of inflation continuing to stubbornly sit below the Federal Reserve’s target, they’re floating new ideas to move it higher. One such proposal may do the trick, but it could lead to some dangerous (and unintended) consequences. See what’s at stake here.