15 Nov 2021
How Evergrande Contagion Plays Into Gold Price

China's Evergrande and a number of the nation's other property developers are defaulting right and left in a slow-motion collapse. This problem is bigger than it sounds, especially for China, and may have global consequences. Today, an analysis of how this impacts gold's price…

08 Nov 2021
Gold Soars as Central Banks Drag Heels on Rate Hikes

From Birch Gold Group This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Gold up as central banks look unwilling to hike, gold price’s Groundhog Day, and some very interesting 2021 American Eagle gold bullion coins. Gold soars as central banks seem reluctant to... View Article

26 Oct 2021
Gold's Slow and Steady Response to Inflation

With inflation burning hotter and higher, why isn't gold's price catching fire as well? We take a look at historical episodes paralleling today's economic environment for answers. Turns out gold's slow and steady progress wins the race…