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24Aug 2014
janet yellen federal reserve bone

As the Federal Reserve winds down its symposium at Jackson Hole, what can we learn? For one, it’s clear that Janet Yellen is trying her best to inspire confidence by throwing us the proverbial bone by *saying* all the right things… but so far she hasn’t proven she will *act* on her words. Do you believe in what Yellen is selling us? It’s your choice; but what you believe must inform how you make your own decisions for your future. We lay out your choices here — the options can’t be more black and white.

18Aug 2014
gold oil ratio price

Each and every week we bring you pertinent news related to gold and the overall economy. This week, the World Gold Council forecasts a positive return to past, high levels of global gold demand, the ratio between the price of oil and the price of gold is at a local peak, and finally, why the Ukraine crisis is emphasizing the role of gold as a safe haven investment. All in this week’s Your News To Know.

16Aug 2014
janet yellen federal reserve hot air hype

Fed Chair Janet Yellen sounded positively upbeat and hopeful as she testified and answered questions last Friday before the Senate Banking Committee. She was encouraged about manufacturing numbers, about unemployment figures and the strengthening of the U.S. economy. She seemed confident that October was still the right time to end Quantitative Easing. She also indicated that interest rates would eventually rise. Here’s the question: Should we buy it?

08Aug 2014
central banks gold reserves

Every week we bring you relevant news pertaining to gold and the economy. This week countries’ central banks are continuing to enhance their gold reserves amidst an uncertain world, tension in Ukraine is shooting up the price of gold, and a revitalized demand for gold is stimulating the market of gold exploration. All in this week’s Your News To Know.

01Aug 2014
fatca dollar

Early this year, the hype surrounding FATCA was palpable. Our clients were desperate to learn as much as they could about the law. And all the interest swelled to a crescendo when it was implemented on July 1, 2014. But now that the law is actually in effect? NOW is the time you need to know the true damage it’s causing. And we have the early results right here.

30Jul 2014
china gold standard

Every week there are new, dynamic stories that impact the gold market and greater economy that we like to share with you. This week, the notion of a Chinese gold standard seems quite viable. The escalating situation in Ukraine could blow the roof off the price of gold. And finally, are the worst days for gold finally behind us? All in this week’s Your News To Know.