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02Jul 2014
gold india necklace

Each week we bring you news involving the precious metals market and the greater economy. For this week’s news, reports of rising inflation have some analysts calling for a greater price of gold in the near future. We also bring you five practical and fiscally responsible reasons to own gold in this economic atmosphere. Finally, why do the current financial conditions beg for a re-adoption of the gold standard? Learn more here.

29Jun 2014
economic wishful thinking gdp

What “official” figures are we supposed to believe from the government anymore? After a THIRD revision to the GDP figures from this year’s first quarter, now we’re told the economy shrank nearly 3%. But despite the grim news, many officials are preaching patience and confidence. Should you follow their lead? In this post, we present the facts and let you decide.

27Jun 2014
russia vladimir putin anti dollar alliance

In the face of an increasing number of sanctions from the U.S., Russia is becoming more and more defiant. They’ve already threatened the dollar’s reserve currency status, but now an advisor to President Vladimir Putin has explicitly proposed an “anti-dollar alliance”. Could this latest strategy to challenge the dollar’s might actually succeed? We give you the facts right here.

25Jun 2014
gold geopolitical instability

Every week we bring you news that affects the precious metals market and your financial livelihood. This week, we consider the function of gold in a world full of uncertainty and ever-increasing turmoil. Also, read why susceptibility to market manipulation has forced the gold market to alter the pricing benchmark in order to maintain transparency. Finally, how have the Federal Reserve’s fiscal decisions affected the precious metals market and American economy? Here are this week’s headlines.

20Jun 2014
fatca government overreach

We all know that FATCA will profoundly affect expat Americans. But there’s so much more to the law, especially when you consider the new precedents of government overreach that the July 1 is setting. How might it affect ALL Americans? We connect the dots here.

16Jun 2014
steve forbes gold standard

Every week we keep you up to date on different events that affect the precious metals market and potentially your savings. This week, we look at how gold is the last chance for the American government to prevent ultimate failure in the dollar. Although we’ve come a long way from the financial disaster of 2008, the economy still faces fiscal adversity. Also, what does China’s rising middle class mean for the future of gold? Here are this week’s headlines.

15Jun 2014
eric cantor wall street

Eric Cantor’s primary loss last week didn’t just shake up Washington; it also sent chills down the spine of Wall Street, with stocks ending the week down. Sadly, the reasoning goes beyond the uncertainty created by the leadership shakeup, and speaks directly to the fallacy that is our current “free market” economy. Here’s what you should know about today’s unseemly relationship between Washington and Wall Street.

13Jun 2014
fatca foreign account tax compliance act july 1

With FATCA going into effect in just a few weeks, on July 1, 2014, the controversy surrounding this important federal law continues to mount. To help you better understand FATCA and what it may mean for many Americans (not just those with overseas bank accounts), we’ve put together this quick, straightforward overview.