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29Oct 2014
Janet Yellen

The Federal Reserve has ended its $4.5 trillion Quantitative Easing stimulus program that was introduced more than five years ago to help revive the U.S. economy in the wake of the global financial crisis. Read more.

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28Oct 2014
One of the World’s Biggest Gold Nuggets Ever Found Sells in California for $400,000

Once a week, Your News to Know delivers you the latest news about the market of gold and precious metals. Here are the stories we have for you this week: One of the world’s biggest gold nuggets ever found sells in California, gold rises on a weaker dollar, and China’s gold imports hit a five-month high. Explore in detail.

25Oct 2014
pampering federal reserve

For too long, the Federal Reserve has enabled the bad habits of our largest banks, bailing them out every step of the way. Now we’re beginning to see signs that it’s coming back to bite all of us – including the security of our savings. Get this critical info here.

24Oct 2014
Fed is Ending Stimulus Did Money Printing Help the Economy

The Federal Reserve’s economic stimulus program known as Quantitative Easing is scheduled to end next week. Most analysts believe that despite reports of a global economic slowdown and the dual threat of a stronger dollar, the Federal Reserve will most likely stick to the arrangement and lift the program. Quantitative Easing, also known as “money printing,” is widely believed to lead to inflation and to be responsible for the recent stock market highs. Click to explore in details.

22Oct 2014
Gold Hits a Six-Week High Over Slowing Global Economy

Each and every week, we offer you the latest and most relevant news about the economy and the market of gold and precious metals. Here’s what we gathered for you this week: Gold hits a six-week high, gold demand from India picks up, and Russia’s gold rush continues. Read more.

17Oct 2014
Fears about Global Economy Push Investors to Gold as Safe Haven

It’s been another roller-coaster ride for the markets this week. Stocks in the United States and Europe tumbled on Wednesday, as investors are scratching their heads over what to do with their money in light of all the signs of a faltering global economy. Concerns over slumping global economy and weak stocks have been pushing investors to safe havens like gold and government bonds, as markets remain highly volatile. Follow the link to explore in detail.

16Oct 2014

This recent court case involving the Federal Reserve and AIG will blow your mind. But here’s the most terrifying part: No matter how you slice it — whether the people we expect to oversee our economy are malicious or just plain dumb — it’s us who lose. Get the details here.

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15Oct 2014
Swiss Referendum Could Send Gold Prices “to the Moon”

Every week, Your News to Know offers you breaking news about gold, precious metals and the economy. Here are the stories we have for you this week: Switzerland’s referendum could send gold prices “to the moon,” gold prices rise to a four-week high, and gold leasing in china surges. Follow the link to learn more.