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21Nov 2014

As Switzerland prepares to vote on a referendum this month to decide whether the Swiss National Bank should hold 20 percent of its reserves in gold, gold bulls have flagged the vote as stimulating for the precious metal’s price while economists and policy makers have warned that a “Yes” would have bad consequences for the Swiss economy. See why the Swiss people what their gold back.

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19Nov 2014
Peter Schiff – Last Window of Opportunity to Buy Gold

Each week, Your News to Know brings you breaking news about the overall economy and the market of gold and other precious metals. This week’s stories include: Peter Schiff believes that this is the last window of opportunity to exchange overvalued dollars for gold … gold goes up on reports of central banks looking to expand gold reserves … and U.S. gold production down 11 percent in August. Click to explore in detail.

14Nov 2014
Your Bank Deposits May No Longer Be a Store of Value

An impending decision from the G20, slated to be announced on November 16, may turn your bank deposits into a risky investment. New rules for banks “will shift the burden of a bank bailout away from taxpayers to investors who own the banks or lend them funds.” Those people who lend funds? That’s you and me. Find out the full story here.

11Nov 2014

Once a week every week, Your News to Know delivers you the latest news about the economy and the market of gold and other precious metals. Here’s what we have for you this week: An investment manager says don’t sell your gold (expect it to gain), physical gold shortage is worst in over a decade, and Russia buys gold as sanctions bite. Get all the facts here.

06Nov 2014
federal reserve enslave debt

The “protectors” of our dollar over at the Federal Reserve would like to have you believe that they’re working in our best interests. But then why are they creating so much debt, and why are they printing our money into oblivion? The conflict of interest at play may surprise you.

05Nov 2014
Marc Faber

Every week, Your News to Know offers you breaking news about the economy and the market of gold and other precious metals. Stories this week include: Marc Faber says he owns gold because he doesn’t trust the financial system, gold rises again as the dollar drops, and gold coin sales surge as buyers seek bargains. Read more.