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17Sep 2014
The Swiss Want Their Gold Back

In case you missed any news action in the world of gold, we’ve got you covered. Each week we curate and deliver the latest and most relevant stories and trends about gold, precious metals, and the overall economy. Our top three favorites this week: Switzerland may go back on the gold standard, worried Scottish investors buy gold as a safe haven, and Iranians store more gold in their homes than the central bank. Find all the facts here.

15Sep 2014
Federal Reserve Building of Chicago

As the U.S. economy continues to struggle, as the average American cannot make ends meet, our own central bank refuses to take responsibility for our woeful state. And now, you’re not going to believe who their latest scapegoat is! Find out here.

12Sep 2014
Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda

Last week it was the European Central Bank that started pumping serious money into its ailing markets, and this week, another central bank fired up the printing presses. The Bank of Japan purchased three-month Treasury bills for more than their redemption value, according to market participants – another dramatic step in its unprecedented effort to fight deflation. What do these moves mean for the dollar and gold? Find out here.

10Sep 2014
Indian Bride

Every week, we bring you the top 3 stories about gold, precious metals, and the economy. In this edition of Your News to Know, gold demand in Asia picks up as wedding season in India approach, Scotland may claim a chunk of the UK’s gold reserves and Steve Forbes launches a campaign to get the Fed clean up its act. See all the details here.

08Sep 2014
time inflation

You would think that “good” old fashioned dollar inflation was bad enough. But now comes a whole new form of inflation, this in the form of time. Find out how it’s hitting home for Americans, and what it means to our lifestyles.

04Sep 2014

The value of precious metal holdings by Chinese banks has jumped 66 percent from a year ago as lenders lease more metals in an environment of tougher borrowing rules where funds are more difficult to lend. Reserves of gold and other precious metals by China’s four biggest lenders were estimated at 378 billion yuan ($62 billion) at the end of the second quarter. Read on to get all the details.

26Aug 2014

Each week, we bring you news and top stories about gold, precious metals and the economy. This week, a mining exec says he expects gold to hit $5,000. Also, Moscow has been hoarding gold this year as fast as it can get its hands on it, and now Russia on its way to become 2nd largest gold producer. Oklahoma, Utah, Texas, and Louisiana might be joined by other states in accepting gold and silver as hard money.

24Aug 2014
janet yellen federal reserve bone

As the Federal Reserve winds down its symposium at Jackson Hole, what can we learn? For one, it’s clear that Janet Yellen is trying her best to inspire confidence by throwing us the proverbial bone by *saying* all the right things… but so far she hasn’t proven she will *act* on her words. Do you believe in what Yellen is selling us? It’s your choice; but what you believe must inform how you make your own decisions for your future. We lay out your choices here — the options can’t be more black and white.

18Aug 2014
gold oil ratio price

Each and every week we bring you pertinent news related to gold and the overall economy. This week, the World Gold Council forecasts a positive return to past, high levels of global gold demand, the ratio between the price of oil and the price of gold is at a local peak, and finally, why the Ukraine crisis is emphasizing the role of gold as a safe haven investment. All in this week’s Your News To Know.