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16Oct 2014

This recent court case involving the Federal Reserve and AIG will blow your mind. But here’s the most terrifying part: No matter how you slice it — whether the people we expect to oversee our economy are malicious or just plain dumb — it’s us who lose. Get the details here.

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15Oct 2014
Swiss Referendum Could Send Gold Prices “to the Moon”

Every week, Your News to Know offers you breaking news about gold, precious metals and the economy. Here are the stories we have for you this week: Switzerland’s referendum could send gold prices “to the moon,” gold prices rise to a four-week high, and gold leasing in china surges. Follow the link to learn more.

08Oct 2014
Russia and South Africa Want to Boost Platinum and Palladium Prices

Every week, we give you the latest news about gold, precious metals and the overall economy. This week’s stories include: Russia and South Africa meet to discuss how they can boost the prices of platinum and palladium, gold smuggling in India is still on the rise and gold buyers are back thanks to the sell-off in U.S. stocks. Click on the link for more details.

07Oct 2014
federal reserve whistleblower

Secretly recorded tapes have revealed a culture at the Fed that’s as “bureaucratic, inefficient and counterproductive as the worst caricatures of corporate America.” And these are the folks trusted to manage the dollar? Here’s what you need to know about our central bank, and what goes on behind its closed doors.

03Oct 2014
Bad October Start for Stocks

It was a bad October start for the stock market Wednesday. The Dow plunged nearly 240 points as mixed economic data and geopolitical tensions spooked investors. Is this yet another October swoon, or worse yet, another in a long line of outright crashes that have repeated throughout history? Get all the facts here.

02Oct 2014
rich buying gold

Each week, Your News to Know covers the latest, most interesting and relevant news about gold, precious metals and the overall economy. Stories this week include: the world’s wealthy are snapping up gold, the U.S. Mint has its highest monthly sales of American Eagle bullion coins since January, and Apple will offer the new iPad in gold. Read to explore in depth.

26Sep 2014
G20 Meeting

The signs that we’re in another stock market bubble are there, experts say. Now, finance ministers and central bankers join in on sounding the alarm. What is everyone saying about the markets? Where might this all be headed? And what are some of the brightest minds in finance suggesting that you do? Find out here.

25Sep 2014
President Obama with U.S. Troops

Once a week, every week, Your News to Know offers you the best way to keep up with the latest, most interesting and relevant news about gold, precious metals and the overall economy. Some of the most talked about stories this week include: Gold rising upon airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria, the world’s first 24-karat iPhone 6 coming on the market and gold possibly hitting rock bottom as investors turn bearish. Keep reading to see all the details.

19Sep 2014
Ron Paul

The House of Representatives passed a legislation Wednesday to audit the Federal Reserve. Passed 333-92 in a bipartisan vote, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act would provide a level of transparency into the workings of our central bank that many have been demanding for years. And why shouldn’t we ask for more transparency? It’s our savings on the line. See all the details here.