16 Feb 2015

With currency wars raging around the globe, central banks in 2014 made a big move into gold. See what the latest report from the World Gold Council reveals about their intentions.

12 Feb 2015

In the face of increasing economic sanctions, as the price of oil crashes, recent speculation is that Vladimir Putin will forgo the ruble and move to a gold standard. Could he actually do it? Get that story, and all your News to Know here.

06 Feb 2015

At first, the news sounds great to most people: The dollar is currently stronger than most other currencies. But dig into the weeds, and you'll find that the implications for our economy is anything but great news. Find out what's at hand here.

04 Feb 2015
market report birch gold group

Gold may or may not make you money, and it doesn't pay dividends. But when there's a currency crisis, gold has proven to protect your savings against losses. Such is the case right now in Russia, where the ruble has lost about half of its value. In this edition of the Market Report, Will Hart and Jake Kennedy explain...

01 Feb 2015

In today's mad world that seems to be increasingly "on fire with risk", clients come to us to learn how they can safeguard their savings. In a special contribution to Birch Gold Group, one former financial pro offers his opinion on the key to success. See what he has to say right here.