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Where to Buy Gold Coins

Where to Buy Gold Coins

Buy Gold Coins | Large Stack of CoinsIf you want to buy gold coins as a serious strategy for protecting your savings, reaching your retirement goals, or simply preserving your wealth, then you need to be careful where you “shop.”

Purchasing gold really isn’t about “shopping” at all. It’s about making smart investments based on specific strategies that fit your individual needs and goals. This is what makes a simple hobby of “coin collecting” so much different from investing in precious metals.

Your job as a prospective investor isn’t to buy a single rare coin here and there with the “hope” you can flip it for cash later on. Instead, you want to make a real coin investment that effectively diversifies your assets and safeguards your wealth from the volatility of other markets.

Accordingly, you shouldn’t buy gold coins from just any seller. There’s no need to deal with pawn shops or pushy salesmen at all. Instead, you should only purchase from an established precious metals firm that sells gold coins to serious investors like yourself.

Regardless of whether you are new to purchasing gold coins, or whether you’re an experienced investor, it’s critical that you make your investments with the help of a knowledgeable advisor who can ensure your gold is priced right and perfectly matched with your financial goals.

How a precious metals company can help you buy gold coins

A good precious metals company doesn’t just sell the gold. They offer their expertise to help determine if precious metals are right for you, and they provide recommendations on what to invest in, how much, and so on.

As an investor, you have many options to choose from, including:

− IRAs backed by investments in gold coins
These accounts are designed to help you save for retirement – without the traditional risks of putting
all your money in paper assets. Gold coins, such as the American Eagle proof coin, were specifically
minted by the U.S. with retirement accounts in mind. If you have a paper IRA or an eligible 401(k), you
can convert some or all of it into a gold-backed IRA.

− Numismatic gold coins
Minted prior to 1933, numismatic gold coins get their value from a few different factors: not just their
precious metals content, but also their age, rarity and condition. Thus, they are preferred by many
investors who are looking for growth potential in addition to security.

− Bullion
The value of gold bullion coins is determined mostly by weight and gold content. Bullion has no
numismatic value. This makes the coins a highly liquid investment and a great way to preserve your

Buy Gold Coins | Medium Stack of CoinsSo, which option is best for you? This is where the guidance of an established precious metals company comes into play.

By working with knowledgeable specialists, you’ll get informed recommendations to help you buy gold coins that are right for your situation. Plus, the specialists will be able to answer all your questions, and walk you through the process of making new purchases, today and in the future.

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