Candace Owens and Birch Gold Group

Candace Owens, political activist and Birch Gold Group customer

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Candace Owens is a conservative author, talk show host, political commentator, and activist. In September 2017, she launched Red Pill Black, a website and YouTube channel that promotes black conservatism in the United States. She worked for the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA between 2017 and 2019 as its communications director. During her time at Turning Point USA, Candace got a shout-out from the top:

Candace Owens of Turning Point USA is having a big impact on politics in our Country. She represents an ever expanding group of very smart “thinkers,” and it is wonderful to watch and hear the dialogue going on…so good for our Country!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 9, 2018

Destiny had called.

During The Daily Wire’s coverage of the 2020 U.S. Election, Owens announced she would be joining The Daily Wire and would be hosting her own show. Owens later said in a tweet, “The rumors are true. I’m moving to Nashville and joining the Daily Wire!! This was a tough secret to keep. I couldn’t be more excited!!”

In 2021, she joined The Daily Wire, and launched her podcast Candace, a rapidly-growing political talk show, on March 19.

Candace Owens on economic independence and the Blexit movement

The original Blexit movement was started in 2016 by Me’Lea Connelly with the goal of achieving Black economic independence. Connelly believed that encouraging Black Americans to leave the traditional financial systems that have historically disadvantaged the Black community could promote wealth and economic independence. In late 2018, Owens launched a different Blexit foundation. Their mission:

The BLEXIT movement aims to uplift and empower minorities to realize the American Dream.

They have a rather compelling platform that includes:

Championing entrepreneurship and free enterprise as keys to escaping government dependence and poverty

With 41 state chapters and over 14,000 volunteers, BLEXIT seems to be making an impact! Their message of free enterprise as a means of escaping government dependence couldn’t come at a better time.

On Twitter, Candace said:

How do we reclaim financial agency? How can we take back the power over our money? Candace has a suggestion…

Candace Owens gold company: Birch Gold Group

When she says, “We have given them too much power over our money,” Candace is probably suggesting her listeners do more than just seek out alternative banks. She’s probably talking about diversifying savings beyond the dollar. Here’s an example from her show, sponsored by Birch Gold Group:

We can never really know what’s around the corner. Just kidding, I do. Inflation, it’s inflation that is going to be around the corner. Obviously, because the Democrats and the left are spending $1.9 trillion dollars of taxpayer money on their “rescue plan,” whatever that is. And Biden wants to spend trillions more on “build back better” whatever that is. In the meantime, the national debt seems to be rising nonstop. The value of the dollar is teetering, and with it, your retirement accounts are now at risk.

So what’s going to be your plan? How are you going to protect your savings from the upcoming tidal wave of inflation? You are going to diversify. And the best way to diversify is into gold and silver. Birch Gold Group is the industry leader in converting IRAs and eligible 401ks into IRAs backed by gold and silver, tax-sheltered accounts. Or you can just purchase the physical gold and keep it at home in your safe, like I do in my household. It’s just good sense to have some of your savings and investments in precious metals. My husband knows that better than anybody! He used to be a trader, and precious metals were what he traded. [emphasis added]

Watch for yourself here:

Birch Gold Group is a proud sponsor of Candace Owens

We’re thrilled to count Candace Owens as one of our media allies, and we support her efforts to educate and empower underserved communities.

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