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09 Jan 2015
Protests in Greece

A Greek decision to leave the eurozone could trigger a chain reaction that would send financial markets into turmoil even worse than the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, a leading international economist has warned. Get all the details here.

11 Sep 2014

Gold Makes the Best Money

September 11, 2014 Birch Gold
Gold is the best money

All around the world today, countless people accept the commonly-held notion that gold is the best form of money. But why is that? How has gold come to be held in such high esteem as a form of currency? In a special contribution to Birch Gold, Keith Weiner of the Gold Standard Institute puts it in the most simple...

01 Feb 2015

In today's mad world that seems to be increasingly "on fire with risk", clients come to us to learn how they can safeguard their savings. In a special contribution to Birch Gold Group, one former financial pro offers his opinion on the key to success. See what he has to say right here.

17 Oct 2014

Why is the Gold Standard Urgent?

October 17, 2014 Birch Gold
steve forbes gold standard

In his latest contribution, Keith Weiner argues that the United States is facing a "monetary cancer", and for as long as we allow it to continue there will be no economic recovery. The solution, Weiner says, is in the gold standard. Find out why here.

23 Sep 2014
Gold Mask

Gold is unlike every other commodity known to man. No, it’s not just that gold is shiny, malleable, or can be hammered into very thin sheets. Nor is it just that the metal is surprisingly heavy. (Did you know a bar the size of your iPhone is about 2.2 pounds?) The reason is not that gold is scarce (because...

03 Sep 2014
Ron Paul

This past July, former Congressman Ron Paul said gold could go to infinity. Is that really possible?! In a special contribution to Birch Gold Group, Keith Weiner explains the thought process, and how it all ties back to the continued decline of the dollar. Get the full explanation here.

20 Oct 2013

Last week, Birch Gold Group had the privilege to conduct an exclusive one-on-one interview with former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul. In the candid discussion, Dr. Paul discussed a number of topics with us, including… The long-term effects of the Fed’s program of Quantitative Easing: “The longer it lasts, the worse the correction will... View Article