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02Sep 2014
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Following in the footsteps of Utah, Kansas and Texas, Oklahoma recently passed a law to allow gold as legal tender, which has led some to believe that the U.S. is slowly moving towards the gold standard. How would that work? And is it even realistic? How would you even use gold in place of the U.S. dollar? It’s a fascinating topic with no right or wrong answers. In this Market Report, Will Hart and Jake Kennedy give their take on these questions. Pay special attention to the enlightening example that’s taking place in Ukraine today.

03Aug 2014
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Steve Forbes has graciously given his time to Birch Gold Group for an exclusive interview, and in this special edition of the Market Report, we bring you some of the highlights. We asked the accomplished CEO of Forbes Inc. a number of questions: On the Federal Reserves role in the economy, how the dollar is being undermined, Americans’ view of savings and what role gold can play in helping to safeguard anyone’s savings. Listen to just some of what Mr. Forbes had to tell us, and get the very first reactions from our own Vince Miller and Will Hart.

26Jul 2014
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If you read and listen to enough people talking about gold, you will hear some people call for gold to reach extraordinary new heights. For example, Peter Schiff recently told us it would hit $5,000. Jim Rickards has called for gold to reach $7,000 to $9,000, and James Turk has gone so far as to say it will reach $10,000! Could these predictions prove correct? How likely is such a scenario? And most importantly, do we even WANT gold to hit such stratospheric levels? You’ll want to listen to this week’s Market Report to hear what Vince Miller and Will Hart have to say about the future of gold prices.

19Jul 2014
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Birch Gold Group recently sat down with renowned financial commentator Peter Schiff for an exclusive one-on-one interview. In this “sneak peak” edition of the Market Report, we’re giving you some of the highlights. We asked Mr. Schiff, “Has the Fed learned ANYTHING from the last fiscal crisis? Might they actually be creating a dollar bubble? And what can people do to prepare for the dollar’s collapse?” Hear what Schiff had to tell us in response, and then get first reactions from our very own Vince Miller and Will Hart.

13Jul 2014
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July 1 and the implementation of FATCA have come and gone, and those who had predicted an immediate crash of the dollar have been proven wrong. And now, we have some who are calling for the stock market to crash as well. After all, stocks are at an all-time high, and even the “Warren Buffett Indicator” is on sell-alert status. Is there any merit to these predictions? Can we believe them given that so many were wrong on the dollar and FATCA? And where do precious metals fit into any of this? Vince Miller and Will Hart break it all down for you in this week’s Market Report.

28Jun 2014
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In a new book, Steve Forbes has advocated a return to the gold standard, warning that the implications of not doing so could wreck havoc on the economy. Forbes is far from the first person to push for moving back to a system in which the dollar is backed by gold – Ron Paul has been a vocal supporter for some time. With so much conversation swirling, our own Vince Miller and Will Hart give you some perspective: What would going back to the gold standard do for our economy, for the dollar and for gold? And perhaps more importantly, what are the ramifications if Washington fails to take action? Get answers to your questions here.

21Jun 2014
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Argentina has done it. Ireland has done it. Poland has done it. Could the United States government be the next to nationalize some or all of the retirement accounts of its citizens? Do you need to worry about the security of your IRA or 401(k)? In this week’s Market Report, we try to bring clarity to a debate that has many of our clients concerned.

14Jun 2014
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As July 1, 2014 approaches, clients are asking us about FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. They’ve heard stories in the news about this new law causing the “collapse of the dollar” and they’re understandably concerned. In this week’s Miller Report, we answer your questions in plain terms: What IS FATCA? And how might it ultimately affect all of us? You have to hear what Phillip Patrick and Will Hart say in this week’s show.

06Jun 2014
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Gold usually steals the headlines, but silver plays a critical role in any diversified portfolio of precious metals. In this episode of the Market Report, we take a look at silver’s value as an investment. How does it compare to gold, and how are the two metals different? Why might you want to have both in your portfolio? And where might silver prices head in the future? If you want to maintain a diversified portfolio, you’ll want to hear what Vince Miller and Phillip Patrick have to say.

01Jun 2014
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Inflation is in the news almost every day, but there’s still plenty of confusion on the topic. In this week’s Market Report, we ask in the simplest of terms: “What IS inflation?” What does it mean for us? What is the REAL rate of inflation? And why are gold, silver and other precious metals such a great way to protect from the continuing rising costs of goods and services? Vince Miller and Phillip Patrick give you the answers here.