Market Report

26May 2014
market report

Last week we covered the basics. This week, we take you further into the Federal Reserve’s controversial program of QE to help you understand how it impacts you: How have low interest rates affected what you pay at the pump and grocery store? How might that influence the price of gold? And the biggest question of all: What happens if the Fed fully ceases its money-printing program? Get the answers to these important questions here.

18May 2014
market report

With the Federal Reserve continuing to flood the economy with more and more money, clients of Birch Gold Group are often asking us for details on the stimulus program. So what exactly is Quantitative Easing? Does it work? What effect is it having on U.S. economy and markets? Is it creating another stock market bubble? And how might the taper affect the economy? Vince Miller and Phillip Patrick answer these questions for you in this week’s Market Report.

11May 2014
market report

As Russia faces more economic sanctions from the Obama administration, Vladimir Putin isn’t ceding the fight. Instead, he’s retaliating and has essentially declared “all out financial war” against the U.S. How might that impact our economy and the dollar? In this week’s Market Report, Vince Miller answers these questions for you and lets you know how gold can help you prepare as our currency is further devalued.