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11May 2014
avalanche inflation

With Janet Yellen reaffirming her commitment to Quantitative Easing last week, we see signs of an avalanche of inflation that will eventually be unleashed onto the U.S. economy and the dollar. What’s the source of this building pressure, when will it be unleashed, and what can you do to protect yourself right now? Find out here.

13Apr 2014
stock market trader reaction shock

Yet again the stock market showed us some extreme wobbles last week. On Wednesday, we saw a rally on the news that the Federal Reserve Board unanimously approved a more open-ended policy towards low interest rates and accommodative maneuvers. Previously, the Fed had certain benchmarks and targets that would trigger rate increases and tightening – […]

09Mar 2014

The past week has seen ongoing tensions in Ukraine, with super powers Russia and the United States trading barbs and warnings. How scary is it to think that Russia-U.S. relations, and our fate, rests with John Kerry and Vladimir Putin’s (hopeful) ability to keep his temper? These sorts of tensions always roil the foreign exchange […]