26 Sep 2022
Golds True Value Goes Beyond Its Price in Dollars

Today, we assess gold’s performance for the year so far. Historic safe-haven store of value gold is down in price for the year. How is that possible, and how much does that really matter? Turns out, there are a couple of unusual factors we have to consider before we can come to a conclusion…

19 Sep 2022
How to Fight Inflation Like a Wall Street Pro

What do investment bankers have to say about inflation these days? For starters, they agree that central bank efforts to curb inflation are mostly proving fruitless. Interest rates are going up, but inflation rates aren’t going down – so they’re buying gold. Here’s why…

12 Sep 2022
New Red Gold Standard Threatens the Dollar

Today we explore a recent report on economic developments in Asia that have huge global consequences. Both Russia and China, notable geopolitical adversaries of the U.S. seem determined to create their own, gold-based monetary system – which would, at a stroke, dethrone the dollar and cripple the U.S. economy…