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18 Jun 2021
Inflation May Be Transitory, But This Damage is Permanent
Photo by Anna Kester

Recently, inflation is running much hotter than the Fed's 2% target. That's bad enough, even in the context of 25 years of inflation. Today, we explain how ALL inflation reduces the buying power of every one of your dollars, permanently...

14 Jun 2021
Gold Really Shines Compared to 5 Percent Inflation
Photo by Etienne Girardet

We see a battle of investor sentiments: While one market faction bets on interest rate hikes and a tighter Federal Reserve, another watches not a hoped-for future, but the reality of surging inflation. Simply considering the strengths of hopes compared facts, there's a strong case for gold...

04 Jun 2021
Do Not Pick Up Quarters in Front of a Steamroller
Photo by Leroy Evans

Making money is a thrill. It's fun, and addictive, and when everything's going your way it's even easy. But there's a catch. Nearly anyone can get caught chasing profits at the worst possible time, and the stakes may be higher than you think…

01 Jun 2021
Why Is the Bank of England Gold Selling at Unusual Premiums?

The Bank of England's vaults in London collectively hold one of the largest bullion stashes in the world. Much of this gold belongs to central and commercial banks which use the vaults to both store and trade their bullion, with the BoE acting as an intermediary. So who's paying 2.5x the typical premium for gold, and, more importantly, why?

02 Jun 2021
Is the United States on The Same Calamitous Path as Yugoslavia?
"Tito, go and make them happy and bring order to the Balkans." Pic from Propagandopolis

An economic crisis kicked off Yugoslavia's collapse and self-destruction. Brandon Smith of analyzes the events that precipitated that nation's calamity, and finds disturbing parallels to the U.S. today…