31Jan 2018
Illinois pension gamble

Illinois is considering a last-ditch attempt to save its public pension plan. They’re moving toward a risky gamble that could potentially dig their $129 billion debt hole much deeper than it already is.

24Jan 2018
danger in real estate investment

Real estate is typically the number one form of wealth for most people. But there may be a hidden danger lurking in the real estate market that could torpedo home prices just like a decade ago.

19Jan 2018
trump cant save dollar

The dollar is trading at the lowest level in 3 years, and worries about Trump’s recent political behavior contribute to a cloudy future for the dollar. But political turmoil is just the beginning of the dollar’s downfall.

17Jan 2018
new york fed hard landing

In a recent speech, the New York Fed President William Dudley voiced his economic concerns for the coming year and beyond. Among his concerns are the three rate hikes expected for this year that may not make much of a difference for the economy.