20Jan 2015

A surprise move by the Swiss National Bank has shocked the financial markets, and caused gold prices to increase. PLUS: Global gold demand is expected to increase 15% in 2015, and one esteemed gold broker offers his take on the future for gold and silver. Read it all here.

13Jan 2015
china lunar new year

Every week, Your News to Know delivers you the latest news and critical reads regarding the economy and the state of the gold market. This week’s stories include: Chinese gold purchases increase as the Lunar New Year draws near, the price of gold in euros reaches its highest point in months, and silver in 2015 expected to do even better than gold.

06Jan 2015
Jim Rickards

Each week, Your News to Know brings you newsworthy stories and critical reads on the gold market and the economy. Stories this week include: Jim Rickards says buy gold now before it’s too late, factors point to a strong 2015 for gold and silver, and should gold be in every portfolio?

02Jan 2015
Gold Second Best Performing Currency in 2014

Given the strength of the U.S. dollar in 2014, it’s quite encouraging to see how well gold held its own. Even though the yellow metal lost some of its value against the dollar, it still outperformed all other world currencies. Click to see the chart.