14 Feb 2014

This week we went up against the arcane debt ceiling once again. However, in a stunning display of maturity (?), our representatives in Washington have bypassed the usual opportunity for political brinksmanship and passed a clean debt limit increase bill. This means they are not, as usual, attaching other unrelated political footballs to the bill... View Article

16 Feb 2015

With currency wars raging around the globe, central banks in 2014 made a big move into gold. See what the latest report from the World Gold Council reveals about their intentions.

06 Dec 2013

Rarely does our Chart of the Week (featured in each week’s Market Update email) provoke such strong reaction from you, our readers. But this one did it: This chart shows that since 2009, every single penny of the stock market’s gains have come during rounds of Quantitative Easing. As the Fed has bought more assets,... View Article

12 Nov 2014
janet yellen paul volker alan greenspan ben bernanke

With gold at a four-year low, there are whispers that the Federal Reserve has been artificially suppressing prices. But with all indications showing demand going through the roof, how much longer can this "sale" last? You might want to review your notes from Econ 101, or see what we have to say here.

27 Jul 2014
gold prices find a floor

A series of strong economic indicators last week sent the stock market higher and gold lower, right to the $1,300 level it has seen a few times in recent months. Is this a new floor for gold? We look at the good reasons that suggest just this, and why right now could be your best last chance to buy gold.