05 Mar 2014

On Sunday, as Cate Blanchett gracefully accepted her Oscar for Best Actress in Hollywood, life was imitating art in Russia and Ukraine. Blanchett’s award-winning role was for Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, a riches to rags story of a glamorous socialite who loses everything. Meanwhile in Russia, the nation’s top eight billionaires saw $13 billion disappear... View Article

03 Jan 2014

5 Reasons for Gold in 2014

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it as long as there are people who need the benefit of gold in their savings portfolios and retirement accounts: Gold is historically one of the best hedges against inflation and currency mishaps. Gold serves as an insurance policy against the crashes and collapses that the world... View Article

12 Dec 2013

In another move that could be labeled as “grasping at straws”, the Federal Reserve reports that U.S. household wealth has reached a record high of $77.3 trillion. All of the losses of the Great Recession have been recouped – and isn’t that great news?! Judging by recent headlines, hiring is up, wealth is up, stocks... View Article

22 Jan 2012

Although some argue that silver can't increase in value much more than it already has, the simple fundamentals of supply and demand suggest that it's poised for significant gains in the coming years.