16Oct 2013

Will there be a U.S. credit rating downgrade as a result of the debt ceiling debacle? Probably not. Why? Let’s take a look at past experiences. In the past, ratings agencies have learned: Downgrade Uncle Sam’s credit, and Very Bad Things (VBT) will happen to you. Standard and Poor’s surveyed the political and economic landscape […]

10Oct 2013

Americans are getting more and more perplexed with each passing day at the growing number of stories demonstrating that this partial government shutdown does not seem to mean less government at all, but more. One example of the increased government presence is from none other than the usually cute and cuddly National Park Service. According […]

24Sep 2012

On the heels of the Fed’s announcement of QE3, Morgan Stanley is already predicting a fresh round of quantitative easing to be thrust on top of the $40 billion to enter the economy each month. What does it mean for your investments? And for gold and silver?