10Jun 2014
gold coins ira custodian

This week the Gold Guru answers one of your questions about Gold IRA custodians and their role in the management of your retirement account. Learn more about who they are and what they do here. (And if you have your own questions for our Gold Guru, don’t forget you can get them answered by emailing [email protected])

20May 2014

At Birch Gold Group, we receive a lot of questions from people who are unfamiliar with retirement savings options beyond their employer-sponsored 401k. So what are other retirement options available and how does gold fit into the picture?

07May 2014
A man holding a golden piggy bank

A Gold 401(k) is unique from most conventional retirement plans in that it allows you to enjoy the numerous benefits of adding physical gold to your retirement savings. But the term “Gold 401(k)” can be misleading. Find out here how a Gold 401(k) really works.

08Apr 2014

If you’re new to investing in gold, one of the first things you’ll want to consider is the specific ways that it can benefit you and your unique financial situation. People invest in gold for many different reasons and have done so for generations. But since each person’s goals are unique, the question you need […]