01Apr 2014

Reviewing the pros and cons of a gold IRA vs. an IRA in other assets On the fence about investing in gold for retirement? When searching online for gold IRA reviews, you’re bound to encounter many strong opinions. There’s a lot of buzz about Precious Metals IRAs these days, and you want to be sure […]

28Mar 2014

At Birch Gold Group, we spend a lot of time writing about – and educating our readers on – the numerous advantages of gold-backed IRAs. As the Precious Metal IRA Specialists, we’ve seen first-hand how gold can benefit people’s retirement portfolios. While the dollar’s value continues to erode, and the stock market dips at the […]

18Mar 2014

Dear Birch Gold Group, I already own some gold coins that are approved for IRAs, including some American Eagles. Can I add them to my IRA? Sincerely, Jerry R. — Hi Jerry, Thank you for the great question – it’s one we receive often. If your coins are already part of an IRA, then the […]

11Mar 2014

As more people discover the benefits of investing in gold, silver and others precious metals, many are rethinking their approach to saving for retirement. Rather than betting their life savings on volatile stocks and mutual funds – and praying that the declining U.S. dollar will eventually stop eating away at their wealth – many people […]

18Feb 2014

When considering gold as an investment, it’s easy for inexperienced investors to assume that all gold is the same. After all, gold is gold, right? Whether you’re buying physical gold, such as bullion coins, or paper gold, like an exchange-traded fund (ETF), shouldn’t the value of each option be the same? The reality is, there […]

11Feb 2014

Dear Birch Gold, 1.Can a Precious Metals IRA hold bars, rounds and/or “junk coins?” What does and does not qualify? 2.Can a Precious Metals IRA be a Roth IRA? If precious metals prices do skyrocket, I prefer to pay tax on current price versus future price. 3.Can precious metals I already own be put in […]

04Feb 2014

A gold investment can be a great way to not only diversify your portfolio, but also increase its growth potential and shield it from the effects of an unstable economy. And while the process of investing in gold is quite simple, it’s important to understand your options first. With a little bit of homework, you […]