12Nov 2013

After the last stock market meltdown, many hardworking Americans have been hesitant to reinvest their nest eggs. And it’s no wonder: countless investors who were planning for retirement have seen their portfolios eaten away over the last decade, negating years’ worth of gains, sometimes in a matter of weeks. Today, many are choosing not to […]

07Nov 2013

Putting your retirement savings into a physical gold IRA could help you safeguard your money from the declining dollar, as well as stock market volatility. But one of the first things you’ll need to consider when opening your IRA is what to put inside it: what types of gold and how much? If you’re new […]

30Oct 2013

You’ve worked hard over the years, diligently contributing to your 401k. And you understand that planning ahead for retirement is one of the most important things you can do for your future – and for your family’s future. Imagine, then, having that retirement savings suddenly washed away by a stock market crash. Or picture your […]

21Oct 2013

If you have a stagnant 401k plan with a previous employer, or you’re nearing retirement and want to add a unique level of protection to your portfolio, now may be a great time to rollover your 401k into silver. A 401k silver rollover is simpler than you might think, and it could bring numerous benefits […]

09Oct 2013

Today, more investors are choosing to avoid the volatility and risks of the stock market by transferring their 401k into gold. Depending on your situation, this conversion could add a unique level of protection to your retirement savings, and the steps involved are easy. If you are thinking about converting 401k to gold, Birch Gold […]

01Oct 2013

With so many uncertainties surrounding the global economy, more investors are making the decision to shield their retirement savings with investments in precious metals. If you’re concerned about your own financial future – or the future of your loved ones – now may be the time to convert your IRA to gold. If you’re new […]

02Feb 2012

It's a common belief that an IRA must be a "paper portfolio," invested solely in stocks and mutual funds, but you can watch your investment safely soar with gold Eagle Coins. Find out how.