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Clay and Buck gold company

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking endorsement from The Clay & Buck Show, one of the most reliable sources of news and commentary you can find. This is the first time Clay Travis and Buck Sexton have personally partnered with a gold IRA company. We couldn't be more honored!

Why now? What inspired the search for an official Clay Travis and Buck Sexton gold company? It’s simple: They know their listeners. We’re all struggling through the disastrous consequences of reckless government spending, all suffering from persistent inflation – we’re all looking at an incredibly uncertain future. For our families and for our country. 

In times like these, we want to protect our own and our families’ financial futures. We look for information we can trust and assets we can rely on. We don’t look to the government to solve our problems for us! We can’t expect the Federal Reserve to ensure our standard of living. We don’t trust them – they’ve failed too disastrously, too many times. 

Clay and Buck’s audience need solutions.

Who do you trust?

If you’re a long-time listener, you know Clay Travis and Buck Sexton are a whole lot more than media personalities. Clay Travis, a seasoned journalist and founder of OutKick, is also an author and a lawyer who’s made a name for himself with his bold contrarian opinions and die-hard support for the Tennessee Titans. 

Buck Sexton, a former CIA officer and counterterrorism expert, brings a wealth of knowledge and behind-closed-doors experience to the table. He’s someone you can’t argue with on the intersection of national security, politics and economics.

Together, they provide a balanced and informed perspective that resonates with conservative Americans who value liberty, security, and financial independence.

In short, they’re custodians of traditional values like personal responsibility and financial discretion. Their partnership with Birch Gold Group comes from a deep understanding and appreciation of the financial struggles everyday Americans face.

As Clay Travis said, “I’m a data guy, so I look at what people read and then I give more of what they want.” Well, here’s what people want:

  • Diversification: Also known as “hedging your bets” – just as you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, you don’t rely on a single source of financial security. 
  • Inflation protection: Gold has a track record of maintaining its value despite inflation’s destruction of purchasing power. Even as the cost of living skyrockets, gold stands as a reliable store of value since 500 BC.
  • Tangible asset ownership: Physical precious metals aren't just promises to pay. They don’t represent ownership of assets, they are assets. Owning physical gold eliminates counterparty and default risk, which is unavoidable in virtually every other financial asset.
  • Contrarian asset: Most financial assets do well when everything else rises in value. Physical gold is one of the few assets that performs well when everything else falters. 
  • Security from digital and cyber threats: Physical gold can't be hacked or disappeared at the click of a button. In an increasingly vulnerable digital world, the security of physical ownership is invaluable.

Why Clay and Buck chose Birch Gold

At Birch Gold Group, we pride ourselves on being more than just a gold IRA company. We’re a team dedicated to arming everyday Americans with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed, confident decisions about their long-term financial security. 

Was it our 20+ years in business, helping over 30,000 families on the path to financial stability?

Our thousands of customer reviews and A+ BBB rating?

Maybe Clay and Buck saw that people they trust chose to trust Birch Gold? (We’re proud to be both Ron Paul’s and Ben Shapiro's gold company, for example.)

Or maybe it was all of this, combined, that helped us become the Buck Sexton and Clay Travis gold company?

Your trusted financial partner

As the official Clay and Buck gold company, Birch Gold Group is honored to stand by your side on this journey towards financial security. Together with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, we aim to empower you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the uncertainties of today's economic landscape.

Stay tuned as we continue this exciting collaboration and work towards safeguarding your financial future. Join us in this transformative partnership and discover the peace of mind that comes from diversifying your savings with physical precious metals.

Put Clay and Buck’s gold company on your side

Birch Gold Group is honored to stand by your side on this journey towards financial security. Together with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, we aim to empower you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the uncertainties of today's economic landscape.

We believe Clay & Buck are encouraging their audience to take proactive steps in securing their financial futures. Diversifying your savings with a gold IRA is a strategic move that offers long-term peace of mind and financial resilience, even in the worst of times.

Explore how you can benefit from the same strategies that Clay and Buck recommend. Start your journey towards a more secure retirement today – take the first step right here.

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