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Birch Gold Group Reviews

Birch Gold Group Reviews

Why Birch Gold Group consistently receives good reviews

Birch Gold Group is one of the nation’s largest and most trusted precious metals companies. Based in Burbank, California, right across from Warner Bros. Studios, and founded in 2003, the company helps customers preserve their wealth by adding physical precious metals to their portfolios. We take our time to understand every customer’s unique investment goals, and provide them with the right information for making the best possible investment decision for their future. It is the relationships we develop and the trust we create that matter most to our success. We realize that we, and everyone else, are in the people business. This way of thinking has helped us achieve superior customer satisfaction ratings and consistent good reviews.

Named a “Major Gold and Silver Dealer” by Newsmax, consumers have given high ratings to Birch Gold Group on trusted, independent websites.

We actively seek and feature real reviews from customers who have chosen to work with us, since we realize that consumers trust companies that confidently display customer feedback. We like online reviews – whether positive, negative, or raving – because they help us better understand and serve the needs of our customers, measure our success, and improve on our services.

Employees at Birch Gold Group are proud and honored to receive such a high number of positive reviews and high marks from customers who often recommend our precious metals services to friends and family. Below are some independent, trusted websites that feature real reviews of Birch Gold Group from satisfied customers:


Wes Hodges
Wes Hodges
18:22 07 Dec 18
The associates at Birch Gold made the transfer of my old 401(k) into a precious metals-backed IRA seamless, painless, and fast. Any questions are answered promptly, and I had all the explanation about the process needed right away. I couldn't be more pleased with the process, and the courteous help from everyone at Birch Gold Group.
Steven Coker
Steven Coker
23:34 13 Nov 18
Working with birch gold group was a very good experience. Very friendly and supportive. I was never transferred around and always worked with the same person. I recommend at least giving them a call. It is worth your time. I transferred an IRA that was doing nothing for me where it was and hopefully now it can start to grow.
Catlin Tierce
Catlin Tierce
15:28 07 Dec 18
Very impressed with the purchase. Well organized and proficient. Thank you for spending the time to teach me about the purchase that I made. Look forward to a long relationship with the company
Vaughn Johnson
Vaughn Johnson
14:01 06 Dec 18
If you are looking to buy gold or silver Birch Gold is great. They have fantastic customer service and are very accommodating to your needs and provide all the information you may want before buying.
Daniel Holmlund
Daniel Holmlund
16:04 18 Sep 18
I've had a great experience with Birch Gold Group. Brock, the sale representative from Birch, walked me through different options for purchasing and he was very helpful to me since I was a first time purchaser. The second time I called I didn't need the hand holding and the transaction was quick and professional. Thanks, Birch Gold Group.
Laura Holland
Laura Holland
18:05 18 Dec 18
A knowledgeable and professional team who got my IRA set up quickly. The web site is great and all in all I was, and am, very happy with my experience.
Geoffrey Stretton
Geoffrey Stretton
19:39 20 Dec 18
Thanks to the team there, the process went very smooth. they were very responsive to my questions and helped me set up the IRA. Happy with how it all went.
Kyle Huggins
Kyle Huggins
20:24 20 Dec 18
These are really great people to work with. I worked mostly with Samuel, who was extremely patient with me. Couldn't have been more helpful. Later on I worked with Natalie who was great as well. I would recommend people check out Birch Gold group for their IRA.
Michael Bowzer
Michael Bowzer
00:09 22 Dec 18
The folks at Birch Gold very helpful and informative throughout the purchasing process and were happy to answer or find answers to all my questions. They did all this patience and great personality. The agents also do follow-up to assure my satisfaction and get customer feedback. I am very satisfied customer. Thanks BG!
Frank Bartoch
Frank Bartoch
23:42 26 Dec 18
Lots of good knowledgeable people willing to take there time and explain everything to detail making sure I understand how everything is being used. And what coins or bars would be best. The person I talked to he wanted to make sure that I unstand everything correctly and ask many questions and made sure that I understood them. And if I did not understand he found a way and kept trying for me to understand did not stop explaining until I understand everything correctly. Answered all my questions ,great place to do business.
Jon Karina
Jon Karina
21:25 02 Jan 19
The people at Birch Gold are detailed in how they went about the process. I had a number of employees help me rollover and set up my new IRA, each experts in their role. I was very impressed. Overall, the transaction went smoothly and relatively quickly. I thank them and would encourage others to consider them for their IRA rollover.
Peter Leo
Peter Leo
17:24 06 Jan 19
I just completed my third purchase with Birch Gold Group and continue to be impressed by their service. Every time after a purchase I've been contacted by a customer service rep to follow up on my experience. I've had some feedback here and there and they've always taken to heart.I'll definitely be working with them more in the future.
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Better Business Bureau (BBB)

bbb reviewsThe Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a nonprofit, self-regulated organization focused on advancing marketplace trust. For over 100 years, since 1912, the BBB has provided services to set standards for ethical business behavior and help customers identify trustworthy businesses. The BBB collects and provides free business reviews to millions of consumers, alerts the public about scams, and reviews advertising practices. In 2013, the BBB received over 123 million consumer requests, making their website one of the top visited in the United States.

Read these Birch Gold Group reviews on BBB:

Frances O.
“I was very pleased with the service given. No hard sale. My question’s were answered by knowing staff, offering suggestions and explained well, but never telling me what I “should do” it was always my choice…” Read more

Howard B.
“I was quite nervous with my decision to invest in gold and silver as it was my first experience. I was fortunate to have picked the Birch Gold Group to aid and assist me through the purchase of both. They answered every question and helped me with which investment would be a proper fit for my situation…” Read more

Linda D.
“Everyone that I have talked to has been very professional and extremely helpful in fully explaining the whole process. The rollover from my existing IRA to a Metals-Backed IRA with the Birch Gold Group was a streamlined process…” Read more



ConsumerAffairs offers expert resources and verified reviews to help consumers make smarter buying decisions. They currently have over 300 accredited brands and more than 700 non-accredited brands on the site with a 3 star rating or higher. ConsumerAffairs offers hundreds of thousands of consumer reviews and intelligent matching tools to pair users with a company that best fits their needs. Their belief is that consumers should be able to make a smart buying decision based on unbiased feedback and research-driven information.

Check out these Birch Gold Group reviews on ConsumerAffairs:

Micki of Tacoma, WA
“It was a very easy experience to work with Birch Gold. From the first time that I spoke to them to making my purchase, everything went smoothly. They are very courteous and took their time to explain how the whole process works…” Read more

Glynda of Austell, GA
“Changing 401K to Gold and Silver – My experience with Birch Gold was the best experience I have ever had with a company. All the people I that I worked with were so professional and had the best manners. They made my change so worry-free and made me feel comfortable with the decision that I made…” Read more

Cindy of Portville, NY
“Birch Gold was a very good company to work with. I’ve bought some silver in the past, and found them when I started to look into options for buying some silver for my IRA. I did my research, and they stood out for me above other companies…” Read more


trustlink reviews 5 starsOriginally founded by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2008, TrustLink provides a platform for consumers to write reviews regarding the services of businesses they’ve used. TrustLink uses a fact-checking system to ensure the quality of posted reviews, whether good or bad. Consumer reviews are posted without editing so that consumers can see exactly what other consumers think about reviewed companies. “More importantly,” says the TrustLink website, “no business can pay for a rating or post their own reviews, ensuring that the review system is fair to all. Using these practices, TrustLink has quickly become one of the most trusted sites on the web.”

Here are some Birch Gold Group business reviews on TrustLink:

A big thank you!
“I am so happy to have invested my IRA in gold and Im so happy that I did it with Birch Gold! For a long time I had been hearing about how I can invest gold in my IRA and I knew that had to be better than the stocks I had before. I can’t afford to…” Read more

Metals purchase, IRA conversions rollover, turorial regarding holding gold and silver.
“I shopped for the lowest cost for purchasing silver and gold assets. A tedious process to say the least. That experience took me to “Birch Gold Group” in California. Jake Kennedy, (800) 355-2116, provided me with the best transaction…” Read more

Thanks so much
“Just a quick thank you to everyone at Birch Gold for helping me get my 401k out of the fund it was in — the same one that lost me thousands and thousands of dollars a few years ago — and into an IRA in gold. I had no idea I could even do that…” Read more

Anybody who has had customer experience with Birch Gold Group or any other business can write a review after they complete the Trustlink registration form.

YP (Yellow Pages)

yellowpages reviewsYP (Yellow Pages) is a major local ad platform in the United States, connecting consumers to businesses and helping local businesses and communities. YP launched in May 2012, merging two companies into one – AT&T Interactive and AT&T Advertising Solutions. YP.com, the rebranded YellowPages.com, is mainly a contact directory of local businesses with phone numbers, locations, and addresses. The website also provides a platform for consumers to write reviews of businesses.

Below are business reviews of Birch Gold Group on YP (YP.com and YellowPages.com):

Wade l.
“During the time I purchased metals from Birch I was treated with courtesy and respect. The staff is professional and they go out of their way to help. They helped me move my IRA and put some gold and silver in the account. Sarah was wonderful to deal with and always took my calls. Their prices are competitive, but its their customer service that separates them from the rest. They aren’t the first metals company…” Read more

Jerry Murphy
“I recently made a purchase with Birch Gold. Initially I called to order some gold coins. After talking to Michael I was informed that I could make a purchase using my IRA. He helped me move my IRA into an account that I was able to purchase coins through. I am very happy with this company…” Read more

Florence D.
“I wanted to post this quick note to show my appreciation for the team at Birch Gold Group. It was a pleasure to deal with everyone there who helped me complete my first precious metal buy. I was always treated professionally and kindly. I spoke with 2 other companies that were very pushy and put quite a bit of pressure on me to buy. I never felt that way with Birch. I highly recommend this company…” Read more

Certified Consumer Reviews (CCR)

certified consumer reviews for birch gold groupCertified Consumer Reviews (CCR) is a review website that allows consumers to publish and read accurate reviews about their experiences. CCR allows only top ranked businesses on their list. Every business needs to maintain a certain level of service to be on their site. Their mission: “Educate all consumers on products and service they are about to purchase and empower them make the best educated decisions about those products and services.”

Check out these Birch Gold Group reviews on Certified Consumer Reviews:

Rebecca Platter
“My husband and I had been considering a lot of options for our IRAs and we’d been seeing a lot of advertisements for gold IRAs and decided it would be a good idea to purchase some precious metals. We got in touch with Gordon at Birch Gold and he along with a few other specialists helped us roll over a portion of our IRAs into gold. He spelled everything out for us loud and clear and made sure we were comfortable with our decision. He was so polite and proficient, it was obvious he had been doing this for a long time…” Read more

Laila Haddad
“From the first time I contacted the Birch Gold Group until my transaction was complete, the service that I received was excellent. Guy explained the ins and outs of how I could change my 401k into gold, he explained all of the options and then helped with all of the paperwork. The people over there who handle all of their IRAs made it very very easy. Its clear there’s a reason they have a good reputation, if other customers are treated as well as I was they have earned it. I would recommend them to anyone…” Read more

Jay Svarek
“Thank you very much for helping me with my recent purchase of gold and silver. You were courteous and patient with me, I know I asked alot of questions and needed you to walk me through the steps many times, but you were very patient. It made me feel very comfortable with my purchase. I got my delivery a few weeks ago and was happy to get a call from Cynthia who made sure everything had gone as expected. Of course it did! A very pleasant experience…” Read more


birch gold reviews on mantaManta.com is an online business service directory and search engine providing small businesses with networking information. According to their website, Manta helps small businesses connect, grow, and profit. The company sponsors various small business events and trade shows across the United States.

Read below consumer reviews about Birch Gold Group on Manta.com:

David Sharpe
“I wasn’t necessarily expecting a difficult experience, but Birch Gold really went above and beyond to make sure I was a satisfied customer. I only made my final decision to buy gold after some discussion with Mark Matthews, he took me through all the benefits and functions of gold and really validated by decision to purchase the metal. Actually buying the gold was quick and simple, I am definitely not unhappy with my experience. I even got a call from Cynthia after the whole process to make sure I was satisfied with the experience, she was so sweet…Read more

Andrew Maurer
“I had always thought about investing in precious metals, and recently I finally had the money to buy what I was looking for. I talked with David at Birch Gold and he was beyond helpful in guiding me through the entire process and made sure I was completely comfortable with my purchase. I know buying gold isn’t for everyone, but if you do buy it, I highly recommend using Birch Gold…” Read more

Mark Rubin
“Huge thanks to Craig at Birch Gold for helping me rollover some of my IRA into gold. I must have seemed clueless when I first called, but Craig patiently answered all of my questions. Craig explained to me the process step by step and really made me feel secure with my decision to purchase gold. I was a little unsure at the start of the process, but Craig’s professionalism and courtesy have made me one satisfied customer. I look forward to continuing my experience with Birch Gold…” Read more

Birch Gold Group specializes in converting existing IRA’s and eligible 401(k)’s into gold and other physical precious metals. Whether you are looking to purchase gold or silver for physical possession or adding precious metals to your IRA or 401(k), Birch Gold Group is ready to be of service.

To get started, call us at (800) 355-2116 or click here to request your free gold information kit. There is zero obligation to you to request your free kit.