Donald Trump Jr’s Gold Company: Birch Gold Group

Donald Trump Jr. Birch Gold Group endorser

Birch Gold Group is proud to have received the endorsement of Donald Trump Junior, trustee and executive vice president of The Trump Organization and host of Triggered (which airs exclusively on Rumble). Don Jr. is a figure synonymous with success across diverse sectors from luxury real estate and high-stakes development to international deal-making and political fund-raising.

Donald Trump Jr. is more than a successful businessman – he's a testament to American opportunity. From his early days as a bartender living out of his truck in Colorado to negotiating billion-dollar deals around the world, Don Jr.'s journey is one of relentless ambition and success. His wealth of education and hands-on experience, especially working closely with his father in his roles as President of The Trump Organization and President of the United States, have equipped him with a unique perspective on economic trends and personal financial responsibility.

Like his books and his podcast, this collaboration with Birch Gold Group aims to educate and empower Americans with the knowledge they need to make the right choices – in this case, to learn the benefits of diversifying their savings with physical precious metals.

What triggered Don Jr’s endorsement of Birch Gold?

Donald Trump Jr.'s partnership with Birch Gold Group comes from a place of deep understanding of the economic principles that affect the lives of everyday American families, whether they know it or not.

Don Jr. is committed to educating and empowering Americans. He especially stresses the importance of taking control of one's own financial future, especially in today's volatile economic climate.

Owning physical precious metals is more than a prudent financial strategy; it’s the traditional method of safeguarding wealth for thousands of years.

Phillip Patrick, Senior Precious Metals Specialist at Birch Gold, added some context to Don Jr.’s perspective. “We’re dealing with people’s life savings – their future financial security. The stakes are so high already, the last thing people want is to be pressured. They don’t need to be convinced. They just need to have their options explained to them.”

Patrick smiled and said, “Some people still believe it’s against the law to own gold bullion. There’s so much misinformation and misunderstanding out there, a lot of what I do is simply setting the record straight.”

Billionaires understand the importance of diversifying with gold

In partnership with Birch Gold Group, Donald Trump Jr. emphasizes the critical nature of diversifying your savings, no matter how many digits in your net worth. That’s why the truly wealthy, from Steve Forbes to Ray Dalio, John Paulson to Naguib Sawiris, recognize the benefits of diversifying their assets with physical gold and silver.

  • Protection against inflation: Gold has historically maintained its value even as fiat currencies lose purchasing power. “A lot of people who understand compound interest just don’t see that inflation is the same, but in reverse,” Don Jr. said. “Gnawing away at your purchasing power, month after month – and once it’s gone, it doesn’t come back.”
  • A shock absorber for economic volatility: Amid economic downturns, gold often remains stable or increases in value. In this sense, gold is a contrarian asset – outperforming when virtually nothing else does.
  • One of the few financial assets you can own outright: Physical precious metals aren’t an IOU or a promise to pay. Owning physical gold and silver gives you a real, tangible asset. This eliminates the counterparty risk that comes with virtually every other financial asset.
  • Security from cyber threats: Physical precious metals only exist in the real world. They can’t be hacked or vanish at the click of a button.
  • Stability amid geopolitical uncertainty: Gold's value is less likely to be affected by geopolitical events, making it a safe-haven investment in times of crisis.

Most Americans simply don’t have access to the investment strategies of billionaires. They can’t make midnight phone calls to the Treasury Secretary, like Warren Buffet did back in 2008. They don’t have armies of analysts to do their research for them. Private equity, hedge funds, leveraged buyouts – even accredited investors don’t have the same opportunities as the very wealthy.

On the other hand, buying gold is one of the easiest investments popular with billionaires. Almost anyone who has savings can diversify with physical precious metals, and enjoy the same benefits from it that billionaires do.

Proud to be THE Don Jr gold company

“I’m very excited to begin working with Donald Trump Junior,” said Phillip Patrick. “I’m especially looking forward to joining Don Jr. on the Triggered podcast on Rumble. An incredible number of people know they need diversification, they want to understand how precious metals ownership works. But they don’t know where to start. That’s where we can help.”

As Ray Dalio said:

If you don't own gold, you know neither history nor economics.

Donald Trump Jr. and Birch Gold stand ready to guide Americans through the process of diversifying their savings with physical precious metals.

“I believe in educating and empowering Americans to make wise choices about their savings without fear of social pressures,” Don Jr. said. “Owning physical precious metals is more than a prudent financial strategy; it’s the traditional method of safeguarding wealth for thousands of years.”

Phillip Patrick added, “I firmly believe that, if you understand the economic challenges we face, and you know the historical precedents – if you comprehend what’s at stake, then you know exactly what you need to do for yourself and your family’s financial future.”

To learn more about the benefits of diversifying with physical precious metals, request your free info kit here or call (800) 355-2116 right now.