Birch Gold Group Endorsements

Ben Shapiro Birch Gold Group endorser
Ben Shapiro
Attorney, Author and Host of the Ben Shapiro Show
Ben Shapiro, attorney, author, and host of The Ben Shapiro Show, is a respected voice in the neoconservative movement. At 17, he became the youngest nationally-syndicated...
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Donald Trump Jr. Birch Gold Group endorser
Donald Trump Jr.
Author, TV Personality, Political Activist And Businessman
Donald John Trump Jr. is an author (Triggered In 2019 And Liberal Privilege In 2020), TV personality, political activist and businessman. He’s a Trustee and Executive V...
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Steve Bannon Birch Gold Group endorser
Stephen K. Bannon
Veteran and Former Investment Banker Turned Political Strategist and Media Executive
Steve Bannon, veteran, former banker, and political strategist, served as Trump's chief strategist. Now hosting the popular War Room TV show, he's a notable media exec.
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Don Bongino Birch Gold Group endorser
Dan Bongino
Best-Selling Author, Former NYPD and Secret Service Agent
Dan Bongino, former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent, now a bestselling author and political commentator, debunks establishment rhetoric on The Dan Bongino Show.
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Ron Paul Birch Gold Group endorser
Ron Paul
American Author, Activist, Physician and Retired Politician
Dr. Ron Paul advocates for sound money and common-sense economics. Now, he focuses on limited government, educating on Founding Fathers' principles.
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Megyn Kelly Birch Gold Group endorser
Megyn Kelly
American Journalist, Media Personality
Megyn Kelly was one of Fox News’ biggest personalities for 13 years. She departed 7 years ago to launch her own no BS, no agenda programming. Today nearly 1 million pe...
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Candace Owens Birch Gold Group endorser
Candace Owens
Author, Talk Show Host, Political Commentator
Candace Owens, conservative author, talk show host, and activist, joined The Daily Wire in 2021. She launched 'Candace,' a rapidly-growing political talk show, in 2020.
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Dinesh D'Souza Birch Gold Group endorser
Dinesh D'Souza
Author, Product, and Former US Policy Analyst
Dinesh D'Souza, a Reagan administration policy analyst, collaborated with think tanks like AEI and Hoover Institution. He's also a prolific author and award-winning film ...
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Larry Elder Birch Gold Group endorser
Larry Elder
Political Commentator and Radio Host
Larry Elder, host of The Larry Elder Show & contributor to Epoch Times, the 'Sage from South Central,' is an attorney, radio host, columnist, and bestselling author.
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Jordan B. Peterson Birch Gold Group endorser
Jordan B. Peterson
Psychologist, Author, and Media Commentator
Jordan B. Peterson, Canadian psychologist and professor, gains international attention with a provocative cultural and political perspective.
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Matt Walsh Birch Gold Group endorser
Matt Walsh
Political Commentator and Activist
Matt Walsh, Daily Wire columnist and show host, provides a no-holds-barred take on cultural, religious, and political issues.
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Kirk Cameron Birch Gold Group endorser
Kirk Cameron
Actor and TV Host
Kirk Cameron tackles daily Christian struggles with compassionate, well-informed guests on his show. He guides listeners to bring a bit more of Heaven to Earth.
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George Noory Birch Gold Group endorser
George Noory
Radio Host
Since 2003, George Noory, Coast to Coast AM host, unravels mysteries on 620 stations, exploring paranormal phenomena, time travel, alien abductions, and conspiracies.
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Kimberly Guilfoyle Birch Gold Group endorser
Kimberly Guilfoyle
American Television News Personality And Former District Attorney
Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle is an American television news personality and former prosecuting attorney in San Francisco. A Republican, she became an advisor to the 45th presid...
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